10 Things You Can Relate To If You Are A Foodie

I’m sure we all have one in us


This article first appeared on Burrp.com while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

Your Friends Never Get The Last Piece Of Food, You Do
All your friends have their eyes on the last piece of pizza but nobody wants to look greedy, you are shameless and will instinctively pick up that piece without even asking anybody if they want.


You Are Forever Hungry (Literally, Always)
While everybody is maintaining a diet or putting restrictions on their eating habits you are hungry and looking at the first opportunity to eat. It helps because you know your you can eat odd hours.


You Drag Your Friend To A New Restaurant Every Weekend
Your weekends are booked forever and you may not have a social life apart from one best friend but it is totally worth it. You are even willing to pay for your friend so that they accompany you.

You Always Make Your Friend Order Extra
If you are eating ice cream or dessert, you will always make your friend order an extra helping, because one is never enough. If your friend is ordering for food, he has to always order an extra helping for you.


You Know Where To Find Cheap Treats When You Are Broke
Eating out the whole month is going to leave you broke at the end but you don’t have to worry. There is always a cheap treat that is priceless because it’s the best you’ve tasted.

You Always Serve First For Yourself
We all have friends who help each other out anywhere and everywhere but you will not help anybody but yourself. He definitely cares to ask if you’ve eaten or not but only after he has served food for himself and his plate is heaped with delicious looking food.

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You Surround Yourself With Food All The Time
You don’t need an occasion to surround yourself with food. You surround yourself with food all the time, your sofa is witness to that. A cold drink in one hand, chips in the other, hot dogs on the table and dessert for the end, the list is endless. You also need to have a bag of chips or other portable food that you can munch from while talking, working or simply lazing around.


You Order Dishes With The Weirdest Names
You are always curious about different dish names and want to try them out and your friends are victim of these experiments. Whether it be pasta at a street-side stall or ice cream dosa, you eat at the hidden gems that not many people know about.

You Wake Your Friends Up To Eat At Random Hours
It is because you get those hunger pangs at 3 am that your friends have to go sleepless nights. You need them with you just so that you have company  to chomp down unhealthy snacks.


You Make Your Friends Eat At Hidden Gems (Which Is Awesome)
Know that restaurant that is almost invisible in a crowded lane? Yes, you do because you love eating and you won’t tell anybody except your best friend. It may be small and may barely accommodate a few people but you have tried the food and know it is too good to miss out on.

These Vegetarian Burgers Are What Every Vegetarian Has Dreamed About

Did you know delicious vegetarian burgers existed?

This article first appeared on Burrp.com while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

Haven’t we always thought of the perfect burger having a chicken or beef patty, loaded with bacon, cheese and egg? Now that the beef patty is impossible, the perfect burger doesn’t have to always be non-vegetarian, there are vegetarian burgers too. We give you a list of the best vegetarian burgers in the city and where to eat them, vegetarians we heard you.

The Monster @ Cubano Bar And Kitchen, Kemps Corner
If you thought there never could be a vegetarian monster burger, walk to Cubano Bar And Kitchen to try The Monster.  A tender and juicy grilled patty is balanced with the goodness of burger buns served with fryums & vegetables topped with a whole lot of cheese. If you cheese, you’ll drool at the thought of the burger, we bet.

Price: Rs 425 + taxes

BBQ Pulled Kathal Burger @ MasalaBar, Bandra West
Love jackfruit? Stop by MasalaBar for a BBQ Pulled Kathal Burger. The kathal or jackfruit as it is more commonly called is grilled and served with Indian masalas before being stuffed in a burger. The spicy burger and crisp and sweet jackfruit is a refreshing taste among vegetarian burgers.

Price: Rs 300 + taxes

BBQ Pulled Kathal Burger at MasalaBar, Bandra West

Messy Burger @ The Spare KitchenJuhu
Always thought burgers were American? Try a Lebanese burger at The Spare Kitchen. Stuffed with mayo, vegetables, creamy cheese sauce, lettuce and tomatoes; the mix is served in a soft pita bread burger-style arrangement. The burger stays true to its name and cannot be had without messing your fingers.

Price: Rs 345 + taxes

Messy Burger at The Spare Kitchen, All Outlets

Assorted Veg Sliders @ Global Chaos, Fort
Global Chaos serves small burgers or sliders as they are more commonly called. The pulled Seitan (wheat gluten) patties are tossed in a homemade BBQ sauce and is served along with coleslaw in green and pink buns. The colourful treat is a delight for not-so-big eaters as they are easy to eat and is delicious with every bite.

Price: Rs 350 + taxes

Assorted Sliders at Global Chaos, Fort

Mexicali Veggie Burger @ Old Wild West, Lower Parel
Craving for burgers while shopping in Lower Parel? Old Wild West serves a simple yet appetizing burger; classic black beans are mashed and infused with mushrooms, carrots and chipotle barbecue sauce topped with guacamole ranch dip and serve with seasoned fries. The classic burger and fries combination is cheesy flavour with some spice and tangy taste that is definitely a winner.

Price: Rs 425 + taxes

Palak Paneer Burger @ Genuine Broaster Chicken, Andheri West
Did you ever imagine a Palak Paneer Burger? The newly-opened Genuine Broaster Chicken serves your favourite Indian dish as a burger and how! A perfectly made palak paneer patty topped with creamy spinach sauce and some iceberg lettuce is held by two soft in-house buns. The burger has an authentic flavour of the north Indian dish and is quite a deal.

Price: Rs 199 + taxes

Palak Paneer Burger at Genuine Broaster Chicken, Andheri West

The Maha TUP Burger @ The Usual PlaceSanpada
If you don’t want to take a train from Navi Mumbai to the suburbs, head to The Usual Place for the Maha TUP Burger. The patty made from spiced potato and flavoured garlic and coriander is served with chilli garlic chutney and a mint and green chilli coulis (puree) but not before being topped with a yogurt cheese spread.

Price: Rs 340 + taxes

The Maha TUP Burger at The Usual Place, Vashi

Summer Vegetable Burger @ Boveda Bistro, Andheri West
Drop by Boveda on a rainy day and order the Summer Vegetable Burger while you sink into the bistro-like ambiance. The burger has a patty made from potato and jalapeno and is served with herbed rice and coleslaw. The spicy burger is will make you forget all your worries, at least for the day.

Price: Rs 345 + taxes

Summer Vegetable Burger at Boveda Bistro, Andheri West

Portobello Mushroom and Goat Cheese Sliders @ The Daily Bar And Kitchen, Bandra West
Love mushrooms? The Daily serves a Portobello mushroom burger that you will definitely like. The crisp patty made from sautéed mushrooms is placed on fresh lettuce and topped with a slice of cheese before being covered with a soft bun; it is served with a creamy garlic aioli dip. The slate comes with three miniature burgers that are easily enough for two.

Price: Rs 350 + taxes

Portobello Mushroom and Goat Cheese Sliders @ The Daily, Bandra West

Potato Corn and Jalapeno Slider @ Brewbot, Andheri West
Stepping out to sip on some craft beers? Brewbot boasts of flavourful beers and there is nothing like ordering their sliders. Loaded with a luscious potato and corn patty, a spicy jalapeno jam and greens, the Potato Corn and Jalapeno slider is an interesting choice.

Price: Rs 345 + taxes

Potato Corn and Jalapeno Slider at Brewbot, Andheri West

Spicy Black Bean Burger @ Bonobo, Bandra West
The Spicy Black Bean burger at Bonobo is a combination of jalapeno, crème cheese, BBQ Aioli and Pico De Gallo, a Mexican salsa that makes a delicious combination. The patty is placed on a bed of lettuce between two buns and is available all day at the restaurant.  

Price: Rs 364 + taxes

Spicy Black Bean Burger @ Bonobo, Bandra West

Nothing But Cheese Burger @ Light House Café, All Outlets
LHC has a burger so cheesy, you wouldn’t mind an overdose. The crisp patty has a filling of melted cheese only, yes only Cheese. The burger also has fried pickles, tomato oregano sauce and jalapenos. Cheese burger anyone?

Price: Rs 500 + taxes  

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Nothing But Cheese Burger at Light House Café, All Outlets

Beetroot Quinoa And Cottage Cheese Burger @ Woodside Inn, All Outlets
Want to eat a healthy burger? A healthy burger is hard to find but Woodside has a burger that is quite close. The patty is made from beetroot, quinoa and creamy cottage cheese and pistachio pesto; that’s not all, the burger is also topped with a slice of Emmental Cheese and served with French fries and a Kale and Pomegranate mini salad.

Price: Rs. 545 + taxes

Beetroot Quinoa And Cottage Cheese Burger at Woodside Inn, All Outlets

Panko Crusted Vegetable Burger @ Four Points By Sheraton, Vashi
Four Points By Sheraton serves an amazing vegetable burger. The sweet baked buns sandwich a luscious patty that has a mash of mixed vegetables rolled in panko bread crumbs. It is dressed with a creamy cheese and mayonnaise layer that makes it a perfect treat. The burger is served hot with a side of salad or french fries.

Price: Rs 450 + taxes

Panko Crusted Vegetable Burger at Four Points by Sheraton Navi Mumbai

Barley & Sprout Burger @ The Sassy Spoon, Nariman Point
If the suburbs are too far for your burger craving, The Sassy Spoon is your stop for a delicious vegetarian burger. The restaurant makes a crisp patty with barley and sprouts with mint & coriander; the patty is topped with melted cheese dripping off till the bun below; it is then topped with gherkin mayo and caramelized onion and served with fries on the side.

Price: Rs 415 + taxes

Barley and Sprout Burger at The Sassy Spoon, Nariman Point

Spinach and Corn Burger @ Fable, Juhu
If you don’t like the regular potato patty burgers, try something different. Fable serves a apt burger for everybody who loves corn. The patty is made from spinach and corn and is dressed with delicious salsa sauce and served with a load of fries too.

Price: Rs 345 + taxes

Spinach and Corn Burger at Fable, Juhu

Mediterranean Vegetable Burger @ White Owl Brewery, Lower Parel
If you want to skip Indian and try exotic flavours, head to The White Owl for the spicy Mediterranean Vegetable Burger. The patty is made from red pepper chutney, baby corn, sweet potato, carrots & fresh mozzarella. It is served between two grilled whole-wheat buns and has a cheesy and spicy flavour along with the sweetness from the potatoes, corn and carrots.

Price: Rs. 345 + taxes.

Mediterranean Vegetable Burger at White Owl Brewery, Lower Parel

Colourful Veg Sliders @ Myx, Juhu
Myx serves a colourful lot of four sliders – blue, red, indigo and pink. The patty is an in-house special mix that is a secret and but has a burst of flavours that you will love. The buggers are served with a mustard and ketchup caviar, that adds an additional flavour to the colourful burgers.

Price: Rs 350 + taxes

Colourful Veg Sliders at Myx, Juhu

Spicy Cottage Cheese Burger @ Olive Bistro, Goregaon East
Craving paneer? Try the Paneer Burger at Olive Bistro, the crusted paneer patty is served between two soft buns, a layer of lettuce and tomato, chilli and slice of cheese on top. It is served along with tomato relish and roasted peppers with Tzatziki. 

Price: Rs.290 + taxes

Spicy Cottage Cheese Burger at Olive Bistro and Bar, Goregaon East

Veggie Brown Rice Burger @ One Street Over, Bandra West
If you’re in Bandra and looking to have a burger, head to OSO for some variety. The patty is placed on a layer of fresh lettuce, tomato and pickles; the patty made from brown rice is topped with heap of caramelized onions and a spicy sriracha aioli. The burger is delicious and can be had if you are willing to spend a little more on burgers.

Price: Rs 600 +taxes

Veggie Brown Rice Burger at One Street Over, Bandra West

The Barbecue Paneer Burger @ The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel
Have taken a fancy for black buns? The Rolling Pin serves The Barbecue Paneer Burger with a smoky flavour that goes perfectly with the paneer and fresh vegetables. The spicy paneer patty-like preparation on lettuce is one that anybody would love. It is served with fries and a tasty tartar sauce on the side.

Price: Rs. 250 + taxes

The Barbecue Paneer Burger at The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel

Roasted Beet Burger @ Craft Deli, Bistro And Bar, Kurla West
We know not many of you like beetroot but the Beetroot burger at Craft will definitely change your opinion. The roasted beetroot patty is crisp and sweet with a cheesy ricotta flavour. The patty is placed on a feta spread and soy aioli that is absolutely delicious.

Price: Rs 395 + taxes

Roasted Beet Burger at Craft Deli, Bistro And Bar, Kurla West

Veggie Burger @ Monkey Bar, Bandra West
No, there isn’t any meat, so what? Monkey Bar serves an amazing black bun burger that has crunch and flavour that every vegetarian will love. A lentil and bean burger is placed on a bed of black rice along with amaranth leaves and walnuts; it is also topped with strips of Portobello mushrooms, a spicy chutney mayo and a cheesy jalapeno fondue. The burger has a nutty and cheesy flavour while being fresh and spicy, just like we like it.

Price: Rs 280 + taxes

10 Restaurants In Mumbai Serving Malayali Food That Is Pure Bliss

Macha try some avial no, it is simbly tasty

This article first appeared on Burrp.com while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

India has the privilege of being a land of many cuisines, some almost like chalk and cheese. While all of them have their own flavours, food from Kerala is often romanticized to an extent that is hard to match in a city like Mumbai. Yet, there are some restaurants that make the cut and the food which our in-house Mallu has approved as home-like food.

Kerala Food That You Must Try In Mumbai

Lalit Refreshment – Taste Of Kerala, Fort
You cannot come to Mumbai and not go to Taste Of Kerala for some authentic Kerala food. Recently renovated, you can now eat Kerala food with the perfect ambiance. The menu has a variety of specialities including the Unlimited Thali on a traditional banana leaf, Appams, Malabar Chicken Biryani, Avial, Rasam and others that will keep you busy and definitely stuffed by the end. Unfortunately, they do not serve the famed beef curry but they got the Malabar parothas alright.

Meal For Two: Rs 500 (inclusive of taxes)

Spice Of KeralaAndheri East
A favourite among many in Andheri, Spice of Kerala boasts of its delicious non-vegetarian fare. Try the mutton stew with Kerala parothas or try the classic Fish Pollichathu with your choice of fish. You can also try the traditional Chicken Biryani cooked in the spicy Malabar style.

Meal For Two: Rs 400 (inclusive of taxes)

Sneha, Mahim West
If you’re in Mahim and need to eat delicious south Indian food, Sneha makes for a good stop. One of Mumbai’s older restaurants opposite Paradise Cinema, the restaurant serves some of the best Kerala food around Mahim. Though non-air conditioned, it is thriving all the time because of its famous Surmai Fry, Chicken Sukha and Malabar Paratha, patrons also like the Chicken Biryani served there

Meal For Two: Rs 300 (inclusive of taxes)

Surmai Fry at Sneha, Mahim West

Hotel Deluxe, Fort
It’s not easy for geographically handicapped people to find Hotel Deluxe, a favourite among Mallus in Mumbai but if you ask around you’ll find it in the lane opposite Citi Bank and a few paces away from Taste Of Kerala. The small dingy restaurant may seem uninviting to many who are used to a better ambiance it fool you. Apart from the sadya meal (eaten on the leaf), this place is popular for people who like to taste the non-vegetarian food of Kerala. The Chicken Sukha and Malabar paratha is a favourite and hard to miss.

Meal For Two: Rs 300 (inclusive of taxes)

Udaya Lunch Home, Chembur East
Udaya is another favourite of many Mallus in Chembur. Patrons check in to the restaurant to get their fix of delicious food like Appams with Sukka Mutton, Fish or Chicken curry. Nel Chor – ghee and rice preparation is very famous at the restaurant and definitely a must try when you are there.

Meal For Two: Rs 500 (inclusive of taxes)

Sukka Mutton at Udaya Family Restaurant, Chembur East (Picture for representational purpose only)

Cardamom, Andheri East
If you’re in Andheri and craving Kerala food, head over to Cardamom to try some unique dishes that that aren’t available at many places. The small restaurant is air-conditioned and cheap too. They serve delicious Ghee Dosa, Ayala Shappu – a roadside toddy shop preparation. The duck roast is also a favourite among locals there.

Meal For Two: Rs 300 (inclusive of taxes)

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Onam Family Restaurant, Vasai West
If you’re in Vasai, drop by for a quick lunch or dinner at Onam. A few minutes away from the station, it is situated next to Catholic Bank and serves authentic food. The Beef Chilly is a rage here along with the Malabar paratha, the spicy beef curry has a rich flavour of garam masala that is hard to miss. If you don’t want to experiment too much, the Rasam is perfect with fat rice, like it is served in houses in Kerala.

Meal For Two: Rs 300 (inclusive of taxes)

Just Kerala, Hotel SamrajAndheri East 
Just Kerala boasts of authentic vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian Kerala food. The restaurant in one of the fewer options in Chakala for a good Kerala meal. Their specialities are the Sadhya (typically served on the leaf) meal. They are serve a delicious vegetable and chicken stew that anybody would love with the first bite.

Meal For Two: Rs 600 + taxes

Sadhya at Just Kerala, Hotel Samraj, Chakala (Picture for representational purpose only)

Hotel Madina, Mahim West
If you’re yearning for Kerala food, start your meal at Sneha and end it at Madina. You cannot miss the delicious non-vegetarian fare that is also cheap and pocket-friendly, a luxury you don’t find in Mumbai these days. Try the Chicken Biryani – a mound of falvoured rice with chicken gravy at the bottom that has to be mixed to get a complete experience; Chicken Masala and parathas are also a favourite there. The restaurant boasts of Muslim food from Kerala which is also a rarity in the city.

Meal For Two: Rs 400 (inclusive of taxes)

Hotel Sunny, Chembur East
While western Mumbai has a variety of options, central Mumbai has Hotel Sunny that boasts of a variety of vegetarian Kerala specialities that will delight a Mallu and impress any Mumbaikar with the food. Try soft Appams with fish curry, the restaurant also Aviyal and Puttu at this cozy little restaurant that borders Shell Colony.

Meal For Two: Rs 400 (inclusive of taxes)

Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza

5 Freakshakes In Mumbai That Are Too Freakin’ Good

Forget Milkshakes, try Freakshakes

This article first appeared on Burrp.com while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

Freakshakes are simply an evolved version of Milkshakes overloaded with colourful gems, waffle sticks, ice cream scoops, pieces of fruit and Oreo that make it look like they’ve come out of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory movie. You don’t just drink a milkshake anymore, you eat it.

Caramelized Apple Marshmallow Freakshake @ Mighty Small, Lower Parel 
Think no further if you love marshmallows. The Marshmallow Freakshake at the carnival-themed Mighty Small is delicious and you wouldn’t mind an overdose of it too. A combination of apple and cinnamon, the freakshake is topped with salted caramel and marshmallows to produce a delectable sweet. What do you get? A complete visual and tasty delight.

Price: Rs 300 + taxes

Delicious Freakshakes in Mumbai

Red Velvet Freakshake @ 145, Kala Ghoda 
If you’re still tripping over red velvet desserts, the Red Velvet Freakshake at 145 will delight you instantly. The rich and gooey red velvet sponge is shaken with cream, milk and vanilla ice cream. The thick shake is topped with gems to make it even more desirable.

Price: Rs 230 + taxes

Red Velvet Freakshake at 145, Kala Ghoda

Melbourne Freakshake @ Di Bella Coffee, Bandra West
Originally invented by Australian Master Chocolatier Arno Backes, Di Bella pays tribute to the origin by serving the Melbourne Freakshake. The shake is a combination of thick chocolate ganache with thick cream, dark chocolate crispy pearls, milk chocolate shots; that’s not all, it also has Victoria chocolate sticks, Oreo’s, swirls of whipped cream topped with Australian waffle. Do we need to say more? We just feel like drinking it all up right now.

Price: Rs 350 + taxes

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The Melbourne FreakShake at Di Bella Coffee, Bandra West

Salted Caramel Apple Pie Freakshake @ Hoppipola, All Outlets  
Why not try a traditional fruit-inspired milkshake? Head to Hoppipola to enjoy the Salted Caramel Apple Pie Freakshake. The shake has vanilla ice cream, milk, dated caramel, whipped cream, apple pieces and mini apple pies. We bet you’re already making plans to treat yourself to the shake.

Price: Rs 130 + taxes  

Salted Caramel Apple Pie Freakshake at Hoppipola, All Outlets

Oreo Freakshake @ The Usual PlaceSanpada
The newly-opened bar The Usual Place likes to experiment with Oreo and serves a delicious Oreo Freakshake. The shake has vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, Oreos, brownies, milk and whipped cream. The bittersweet flavour of Oreo with milk and cream will make you a big fan of the milkshake.

Price: Rs 290 + taxes

Oreo Freakshake at The Usual Place, Sanpada

13 Boozy Dishes That Will Definitely Get You High On Food

Move over beer-battered onion rings, these are different

This article first appeared on Burrp.com while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

Red Wine Infused Pulled Pork Crostini @ Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden, Bandra West
Craving some pork? KBG has something that every any pork enthusiast will love. The restaurant serves pulled pork cooked and marinated in red wine as a crostini with bite-sized helpings of spicy pork meat placed on toasted bread. The delicious garnishing with the wine-infused pork make for a good treat along with some beer at the restaurant.

Price: Rs 275 + taxes

Grilled Chicken in Wine Jus @ TerttuliaDadar West
If you love wine, you will definitely enjoy the Grilled Chicken at Terttulia. The grilled chicken is rubbed with sea salt and made with a red wine jus (with juice or light gravy). The wine jus and marinate juices from the chicken give the dish a unique flavour that is compliment well with the mash and greens combination.

Price: Rs 465 + taxes

Grilled Chicken in Wine Jus at Terttulia, Shivaji Park

Poulet Peri Peri with Bourbon @ Four Points By Sheraton, Vashi
Always loved your bourbon? Well, Four Points By Sheraton uses your favourite whiskey to make a mouthwatering chicken dish. Poulet Peri Peri has tender chicken marinated in olive oil and bourbon whiskey; it is also tossed in peri peri sauce before being roasted and served with potato wedges and sautéed vegetables. The smooth flavour of bourbon blends perfectly with the spicy sauce to give a grand taste.

Price: Rs 900 + taxes

Poulet Peri Peri with Bourbon at Four Points By Sheraton, Vashi

Beer Fondue @ MYX, Juhu
Looking to try a different combination? Myx serves a cheesy Beer Fondue with Pav and it is quite an interesting combination. The Swiss cheese fondue is infused with beer and had with a garlic rosemary ladi which makes it a cheesy yet delicious combination.

Price: Rs 500 + taxes

Beer Fondue at Myx, Juhu

Rum Chica Rum Chicken @ Raasta, Khar West
If you are a dark rum loyalist, you will definitely love the Rum Chica Rum Chicken at Raasta. Tender chicken is aged in rum molasses and made with some more dark rum and whole sweet lime; it is then grilled and served with some rice and rum-chica sauce.
The sweet from the rum gives the chicken a sweet taste but blends well with the spice and sauce to give a burst of flavours that you will definitely love.

Price: Rs 475 + taxes  

Rum-Chica-Rum-Chicken-Raasta (1)
Rum Chica Rum Chicken at Raasta Bombay, Lower Parel

Old Monk Coffee Glazed Chicken Wings @ Indigo Delicatessen, All Outlets
Indigo Deli innovates with the classic Chicken Wings with some dark rum and coffee. The meaty chicken wings are coated with Old Monk and a coffee glazed that gives it a bitter and sweet taste that is followed with the spiciness from the chicken wings. Drunken chicken wings anybody?

Price: Rs 485 + taxes

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Old Monk Coffee Glazed Chicken Wings at Indigo Delicatessen, All Outlets

Shepherd’s Pie @ JW Marriott Hotel, Juhu
Never thought the classic Shepherd’s Pie could have alcohol in it? JW Marriott thinks otherwise with their red wine addition. A little bit of carrot, tomato paste, potatoes and heavy cream mixed with generous amounts of lamb and red wine give the pie an edge of any regular pie. The dish is available in the daily buffets.

Price: Rs 1,622 – Rs 4,650 + taxes

Shepherd’s Pie at JW Marriott Mumbai, Juhu

Green Apple with Beer Ricotta Melba @ The Sassy SpoonNariman Point
Start your meal with beer-y soup. The Sassy Spoon serves a soup of green apples, smoked scarmoza (Italian cheese) and fennel with a deliciously new beer ricotta melba (originally for desserts). The creamy sweet soup with some beer is a good variation to all the classic soups in the city.

Price: Rs 225 + taxes

Green Apple with Beer Ricotta Melba @ The Sassy Spoon, All Outlets

Quinoa Salad with Wine Vinaigrette @ Smaaash, Lower Parel
Salads can also have alcohol or at least at Smaaash, we think. The quinoa salad has some raisins, olive oil, cilantro, red and yellow bell peppers, pine nuts and some cracked black pepper and most importantly white wine. The nutty salad has a peppery taste with a flavour of wine that is quite refreshing.

Price: Rs 190 + taxes

Quinoa Salad with Wine Vinaigrette at Smaash, Lower Parel

The Melting Pot Beer Fondue @ The Irish House, All Outlets
Have you always wondered what food mixed with alcohol would taste like? The Irish House has a beer fondue that you can eat with a variety of things. You can choose your beer and jalapenos too. The three cheese beer fondue is served with mushrooms, roasted potatoes, tomato wedges, toasted focaccia croutons and mini focaccia bites. You just got to pick and eat whilesipping on some beer too.

Price: Rs 675 + taxes

The Melting Pot Beer Fondue at The Irish House, All Outlets

Sabudana Risotto Infused White Wine @ Bombay Vintage, Colaba
Skip your regular spicy sabudana (sago seeds) preparation for a Sabudana Risotto at Bombay Vintage. The restaurant makes its Sabudana risotto with some white wine and while it literally won’t get you drunk, the flavour only becomes better. The risotto has some bell peppers, green and yellow zucchini, along with some cream, butter and cheese and topped with some roasted peanuts. The creamy risotto has a delicious taste from the combination of vegetables and wine and ends with a nutty aftertaste that is definitely a winner.

Price: Rs 265 + taxes

Sabudana Risotto Infused White Wine at Bombay Vintage, Colaba

Prawns In Garlic Chilli Basil And White Wine @ Boveda Bistro, Andheri West
If you love seafood, the Prawns variation at Boveda is one to look out for. The delicious big prawns are cooked in Fratelli Classic Chenin sparkling white wine and garlic and chilli basil. The subtle flavours are a balance and make for a perfect dish.

Price: Rs. 495 + taxes

Prawns In Garlic Chilli Basil And White Wine at Boveda Bistro, Andheri West

Brandy Infused Slow Cooked Raan @ Masala Library By Jiggs Kalra,Bandra East
Nothing like a classic flambe with some Raan, don’t you think? Masala Library By Jiggs Kalra serves a slow cooked shredded raan (hind leg) cooked in Indian spices and flambed with brandy. The preparation is served with a crisp garlic naan that makes the perfect accompaniment. The tender spiced meat and brandy blend well and is literally a feast.

Price: Rs 1,475 + taxes

Brandy Infused Slow Cooked Raan at Masala Library By Jiggs Kalra, Bandra East

These Mouth-Watering Waffles Are What You Need For Breakfast

This article first appeared on Burrp.com while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

Rocky Road Waffle @ Jamjar Diner, Versova

Rocky Road Waffle @ Jamjar Diner, Versova
The delicious waffle at Jamjar is loaded with a hot chocolate brownie, soft marshmellows and crunchy almonds. You can bite or cut through the soft waffles, while you savour the flavour of chocolate dripping into the waffle.

Price: Rs 290 + taxes

Chocolate Chip Waffles @ Woodside Inn, Andheri West
If you’re craving for waffles, stop by Woodside Inn for their Chocolate Chip Waffles. Served in halves, the hand-pressed waffles have fresh fruits, Tres Leches reduction, along with honey and maple syrup. The waffle is topped with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream if you like.

Price: Rs 325 + taxes

Chocolate Chip Waffles @ Woodside Inn, Andheri West

Waffle With Maple and Honey @ The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra West
The Daily likes their waffles with a lot more than just sweet. The restaurant serves waffles with salted caramel sauce, dark Nutella, dark berry compote, fresh fruits like kiwi and cream too. The sticky caramel sauce with the berry compote and fresh fruits makes a good combination with the soft waffles.

Price: Rs 265 + taxes  

waffle daily bar
Waffles with Maple and Honey at The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra West

Organic Flour Waffle @ The Pantry, Kala Ghoda
Prefer eating organic food? The Pantry serves waffles made with organic flour. The waffle comes along with seasonal fresh fruits (preferably bananas), Mojo plantation vanilla custard and natural honey. The classic fresh fruit and waffle combination is highlighted with a good helping of honey.

Price: Rs 295 + taxes

waffle pantry
Organic Flour Waffle at The Pantry, Kala Ghoda

Waffle @ Ellipsis, Colaba
Craving some good ol’ waffles? Ellipsis is known for their love for meat but their desserts are also something you wouldn’t want to miss out. The restaurant serves a stack of three circular waffles with a chocolate ganache, Chantilly cream and vanilla pears making it the ultimate sweet treat you just got to have.

Price: Rs 800 + taxes

Waffle at Ellipsis, Colaba

Waffles with Maple Syrup @ Terttulia, All Outlets
Looking to eat a classic waffle? Terttulia serves a traditional waffle variety with fruit compote with whipped cream along with maple syrup or honey, based on your preference. The perfectly soft waffle with a sweet compote makes for a perfect start to your day.

Price: Rs 175 + taxes

waffle tertullia
Waffles with Maple Syrup at Terttulia, All Outlets

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Belgian Waffle with Chocolate Sauce @ Silver Beach Café, Juhu
Like a drizzle of chocolate sauce? Crispy golden brown waffles are topped with homemade butterscotch bananas with a thick chocolate ganache. The crisp waffles blend well with the butterscotch-flavoured bananas and the chocolate flavour from the ganache make it a good treat.

Price: Rs 180 + taxes

blegian waffle
Belgian Waffle with Chocolate Sauce at Silver Beach Café, Juhu

Potato Roesti Waffle @ The Boston Cupcakery, All Outlets
Regular waffles are too mainstream, TBC serves a waffle made from potato batter, the Potato Roesti Waffle has a crisp and buttery flavour. The potato roesti waffle is served with a beetroot hummus and crème fraiche (sour cream).

Price: Rs 350 + taxes

Potato Roesti Waffle at The Boston Cupcakery, All Outlets

Broffle @ Francesco’s Pizzeria, All Outlets
If you’re looking for a different kind of waffle, head to Francesco’s Pizzeria and you will be in for a surprise. The broffle is a combination of a gooey chocolate brownie with the crunchiness of the waffle and topped with whipped cream. The pizzeria allows you to add chocolate sauce, butter, maple syrup or vanilla ice cream that produces a variety of flavours with the combination.

Price: Rs 350 + taxes

Broffle @ Francesco’s Pizzeria, All Outlets

Red Velvet Bubble Waffle @ Papacream, Churchgate
Have you heard of bubble waffles? Papacream in their newest menu serve bubbly crispy waffles that are served flat or conical on preference. The ice cream parlour serves a red velvet waffle that comes stuffed with blueberry ice cream, delicately tossed with red velvet crumble, cheesecake crumble and white chocolate sand. The deliciously treat is a visual surprise and unlike what you see at any other restaurant.

Price: Rs 325 + taxes

Bubble Waffles at Papacream, Churchgate

Pecan Waffle Pie @ The Boston Butt, Fort
The Boston Butt serves a different take on the traditional Southern-style pecan pie which has light, crisp waffle triangles topped with a gooey crunchy pie filling, maple syrup drizzle, whipped cream and sugar dust. The pie makes for a good heavy snack if you’re craving waffles.

Price: Rs 310 + taxes

Pecan Waffle Pie at The Boston Butt, Fort

Waffle With Fruit Compote and Ice Cream @ Grandmama’s Café, All Outlets
Hop over to Grandmama’s for a waffle with a variety of toppings. The waffle is served with honey or maple syrup, some delicious whipped cream, fruit compote and ice cream. The restaurant gives you the choice of an extra topping the waffle with Nutella, milk chocolate, salted caramel and seasonal fruits, all at an extra cost.

Price: Rs 190 + taxes

waffle with fruit compote
Waffle With Fruit Compote and Ice Cream at Grandmama’s Café, All Outlets

These Fries Are So Loaded That They Are Absolutely Unbelievable

Move over salted fries, these are loaded

This article first appeared on Burrp.com in my name and is republished here only for personal use.

Bacon and Blue Cheese Fries at Boveda Bistro, Andheri West

Bacon and Blue Cheese Fries @ Boveda Bistro, Andheri West
If your love for bacon is beyond this world, you have to try the loaded Bacon and Blue Cheese Fries at Boveda. No, they aren’t your normal bacon fries, the crisp spicy fries at the restaurant are loaded with bacon bits and melted blue cheese to make it a crisp, meaty and cheesy delight.

Price: Rs 275 + taxes

Skinnard Fries @ Hoppipola, Khar West
Don’t want too much with your fries? Hoppipola serves French fries simply with a variety of sauces and cheese but yet loaded. The fries are topped with a layer of hot melted cheese and a mixture of spicy and sweet sauces that make it our ideal choice.

Price: Rs 140 + taxes

Skinnard Fries at Hoppipola, Khar West

Loaded Kheema Fries @ The Bar Stock Exchange, All Outlets
Don’t you just love the burger and fries combination? Well, you might just not the burger anymore. The Loaded Kheema Fries at TBSE are a spicy mix of chicken kheema (minced meat) and salted fries topped with a thick layer of melted cheese that is pure bliss.

Price: Rs 275 + taxes

Loaded Kheema Fries at The Bar Stock Exchange, All Outlets

Loaded Fries @ The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel
The Rolling Pin knows how much you love fries, so they have a very interesting concept called the Potato Mania that lets you make your own fries. You can choose between salted or sweet fries that can be topped with mushrooms, bell peppers and corn with different types of cheeses and sauces like tangy barbeque and roasted pepper aioli. Sour cream, crispy fried onions and chives are other toppings to make it a delicious treat.

Price: Rs 250 + taxes

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Loaded Fries at The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel

Butter Chicken Poutine @ Poutinewalla
You wouldn’t believe it but the newly opened quick-service-restaurant Poutinewalla serves an innovative fries alternative called the Butter Chicken Poutine. A thick and spicy sweet butter chicken gravy is generously added to a bed of crisp potato fries. Mix it and you get a complete yet different meal that you will definitely love.

Price: Rs 435 + taxes   

Butter Chicken Poutine at Poutinewalla

Beer Cheese Fries @ Brewbot, Andheri West
How about some beer fries? Brewbot serves a loaded Beer Cheese Fries that has a generous helping of chipotle chicken, juicy and spicy tender pulled chicken mixed with jalapeno and a delicious jalapeno sour cream. It is topped with a creamy beer cream sauce that gives the fries a delicious flavour.

Price: Rs 445 + taxes


Jungle Fries @ BAR BAR, Kurla West
There are many variations of the Jungle Fries across Mumbai but the one at BAR BAR is loaded and you will love it. The bar snack has French fries topped with warm melted cheese, jalapenos, barbecued onions and roasted chicken strips that give the fries a good smoky flavour.

Price: Rs 299 + taxes

Jungle Fries at Bar Bar, Kurla West

Devil Fries @ The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra West
Craving some really good fries? The Daily Bar serves a heap of fries loaded with creamy cheese sauce and a Mediterranean-flavoured spicy sweet chicken mince. The thick chicken mince preparation and the cheese sauce make a good combination with the fries to produce different interesting flavours that you will want to dig into with your bare hands.

Price: Rs 295 + taxes

Devil Fries at The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra West

Mexican Lamb Chilli Poutine @ Social, All Outlets
Many might agree that Loaded Fries is the Indian equivalent of the Poutine, a Canadian potato fries preparation. The Mexican Lamb Chilli Poutine at Social has delicious crisp fries mixed with lamb meat (mutton kheema) and topped with melted cheese to make for a perfect treat with your drinks.

Price: Rs 260 + taxes

Razzberry Rhinoceros returns with a free-spirited vibe

The 90’s pub now boasts of potent cocktails while retaining their love for music

Mushroom Pate, Bocconcini, Berry Compote, Micro Greens and Coin Ulta Tawa Paratha
Mushroom pate, Bocconcini cheese, berry compote, micro greens with coin UTP and kebab

Almost every restaurant that has opened in Mumbai recently has adjusted to the Mumbaikar’s palate but there are very few that work the other way round.

The 90s boasted of a good music scene with several college and mainstream rock and metal bands ruling the city.”Among the most popular places for gigs was Razzberry Rhinoceros during that time and that is what we wanted to revive”, says Nitin Tewari, current Director of Razz, as it was more popularly called.

The iconic place from the 90s has re-opened its doors in the city with an even balance of old and new. Housed in Juhu Hotel like before and overlooking Juhu beach, the vast expanse caters to people of all needs – more like a multipurpose space with food, drink, music and a Goa-like vibe.

The restaurant has four sections – bistro, patio, pub and the deck. While the bistro is lit-up bright with a coffee and wine bar to drink from, the razzberry-tinted pub lighting is complimented with an equally well-stocked bar counter; the patio works for a cozy date, and the deck overlooks the beach. There is also a lounge on the first floor and a lawn in the middle to sprawl out on air bags once you’ve finished your dinner and looking to listen to musicians play their melodious tunes.

Choosing the perfect section in the restaurant to dine is the most important decision to make and do not hesitate to ask the staff for recommendations. Every section has a different menu specially curated by Chef Ranveer Brar of English Vinglish fame in Juhu. We happened to try a little from every menu for their different flavours and concepts.

Razz Sour
Razz Sour

The summer almost having set in,we started with a Deck special from the Root to Fruit drinks menu with Sweet Lime and Sage – a refreshing yet mildly potent mix of gin, salt and sugar, sweet lime and sage has a welcoming sweet-sour taste. The Musk Melon and Lychee is a combination of vodka and mint coupled with the sweetness from the melon and lychee.

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We started with a delicious plate of mushroom pate, Bocconcini cheese, berry compote and micro greens with coin UTP (Ulta Tawa Paratha) with a kebab. The DIY dish is an amusing combination of mushroom paste blending perfectly with the cheese and compote with a small bite of the kebab.We moved on to the next arrangement, a colourful one at that, almost as immediately as it came to the table. The dish, an interesting combination of wasabi and beetroot hummus with ricotta, pomegranate olives and pine nuts on pita was sweet, creamy and had a nutty flavour that was hard to miss. We were next served large Grilled Kasundi Prawns that had a delicious flavour of lemon leaf accompanied by the orange and cream cheese. The star of the small plates however was the Chicken Nukhti Kebab served on a mini UTP topped with a mooli akhrot chutney (radish walnut chutney). The spicy chicken preparation was complimented by the light chutney to make it an easy favourite.

Gosht Mulayam Seekh Kebab, Dry Fruit Bakarkhani, Fresh Coriander Jalapeno Chutney
Gosht Mulayam Seekh Kebab

The Razz Bar cocktail menu is more potent than the other sections and the Razz Sour is proof. The cocktail a take on the classic Whiskey Sour does justice with a strong mixture of whiskey, razzberry puree, lime and aquafaba (a replacement for egg whites). The delicious mixture of whiskey and razzberry adds a great touch to the cocktail menu. The Cold Brew Old Fashioned was even better with a simple cocktail of whiskey, cold brew (coffee), honey and bitters that lent the drink a powerful flavour that would make anybody shake a leg.The refreshing Fish Salad had sliced salmon along with greens, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes and gari (pickled ginger) to make quite an interesting salad. The Gosht Mulayam Seekh Kebab with rose flavoured coin paratha and coriander and jalapeno chutney was a lovely combination and undoubtedly the most succulent kebabs we have tasted in the city. For main course, we had a thick preparation of a North African-inspired Pork Curry with tagine spices (mix of ground spices) and couscous with a sweet and spicy chilli mango salad. The meaty pork pieces cooked in the spices were juicy and quite a delicious treat.

Mango Expressions - Raw Mango Kulfi, Aam Ras, Aam Papadmangoes and Marinated
Mango Expressions

The Mango Expressions – a grainy kulfi (ice cream) in desserts caught our eye instantly and didn’t disappoint. Sweet aam ras on one side and a combination of marinated mangoes and aam papad was quite a treat.  The small pieces of raw mango in the kulfi made from the same fruit was a delight just before the much-awaited mango season in May.

Razzberry Rhinoceros has definitely returned with style especially with their unique cocktails artistically curated by Director and Mixologist Nitin Tewari. We couldn’t have expected less from the food menu that has a recognisable touch of Ranveer Brar. The restaurant has created a multipurpose space that will definitely for quite a while stay this time around.

Meal For Two: Rs 2,000 + taxes
Must Try: Razz Sour, Chicken Nukhti Kebab, Mango Expressions

This South Indian Pub Serves A Rasam Cocktail You Would Definitely Want To Try!

SamBar brings south India-inspired cocktails to Khar’s friendly pub neighbourhood

Kori Rotti at SamBar Pub & Kitchen, Khar West

The early south Indian settlers in Matunga gave Mumbai some good kaapi and other south Indian specialities that any Mumbaikar can swear by for their authenticity even today. Cafe Madras and Ram Ashraya have been feeding Mumbaikar’s for years and there are not many other restaurants that can do justice to the cuisine. that Mumbai so now loves.

South India’s liking for alcohol over many other states (except for Goa) is quite well-known, so how could Mumbai not see a south Indian pub any time soon? SamBar Pub and Kitchen came as a welcoming surprise a little over two month’s back in Khar (sadly not in Matunga – the heart of South India in Mumbai).

Sitting alongside Three Wise Monkeys and Light House Cafe, SamBar’s pink logo of a man with an afro sporting a green moustache, three-lined tilaka  and green aviators with a mole on the side is hard to miss. The pub has an open outdoor section and an indoor section with a bar on the side and tables with high bar-stools. The bar menu has beers, rum, whiskey, vodka and gin and their signature cocktails, that will definitely excite the ‘foodie’ in you. The food menu is sprinkled with varied dishes from almost every southern state in India.

Move over the classics because these Anna’s have got a really good southern mix. Having heard a lot about the Rasam Mary (Rs 345), I was really excited to try it and the cocktail didn’t disappoint at all. The spicy cocktail lived up to the hype with the flavour and spice of rasam perfectly mixed with the classic Bloody Mary. The combination of rasam, tequila, chili and tobasco with tomato juice is a potent mix and definitely a must-try. The Capi Madras (Rs 275) was served in Madrasi-style filter kaapi arrangement – steel glass and bowl. It was a frothy coffee-flavoured drink with Vodka, Coffee Liquer and Cardamom with an earthy tone that quite impressed us. Anna Colada (Rs 275) – a tribute to the south Indian man is a heady mixture of white rum, pineapple and chilled coconut juice; it is quite refreshing.

We started with Paneer Paniyarram (Rs 150) – improvisati0n of the classic south Indian snack with a soft delicious paneer filling. The dish was served with a classic green chutney but the filling could have done with a little more spice as it would otherwise lose its charm. We couldn’t help but try the classic Meen Polichattu (Rs 330) and we were certainly left impressed with the spicy and tangy flavoured fish wrapped in banana leaves. The tang blended perfectly with the spicy masala and steamed fish which was lent a familiar flavour from the banana leaf. The Poricha Kozhi (Rs 280) is simply spicy chicken roasted to perfection and served with a delicious sauce with a hint of tamarind in it.

We decided to try an innovative Kori Rotti (Rs 300) than settling for a Kappa Biryani among other options. A spicy Mangalore-style chicken curry served in a dosa-like rice wafer was the highlight of our meal. The crisp wafer with the curry and generous amount of chicken pieces was a delicious combination, we were happy to try. The bar doesn’t serve desserts but we really didn’t miss out on it because of a potent Awesome Payasam (Rs 175) shot. Sweet payasam is mixed with a mysterious alcohol (a surprise by the bartender) and served in a kulhad acting as the glass.

SamBar has  packed a punch by adding a South Indian touch to otherwise classic cocktails along with food from the south that almost any Mumbaikar likes.The quirky decor and proximity makes it an ideal place to drop by on any day in the week, if you want to try something different.

Must try: Rasam Mary, Anna Colada, Meen Polichattu, Kori Rotti
Meal For Two: Rs 1,200 + taxes

Cheesiest Dishes In Mumbai That You Have To Eat If You Love Cheese

Cheese just got added to almost everything

This article first appeared on Burrp.com in my name and is republished here only for personal use.

Cheesy Goan Sausages at The Sassy Spoon, All Outlets

Cheesy Goan Sausages @ The Sassy Spoon, All Outlets
Imagine eating spicy sour Goan sausages with cheese, it turns out to be the most heavenly combination, at least for us. The Sassy Spoon makes Goan sausages in their own unique style. The meaty pork pieces are cooked with potatoes, green bell peppers and topped with a whole lot of macaroni and queso (melted cheese and chilli pepper) preparation.

Price: Rs 640 + taxes

Champagne Risotto @ The Little Door, Andheri West
Craving an overdose of cheese? The Little Door has a Champagne Risotto that uses different kinds of cheeses and it is delicious. Flavoured rice is combined with herbed mushrooms, a perfect blend of grated smoked Gouda, parmesan, blended yellow cheddar and sparkling champagne.

Price: Rs 400 + taxes


Animal Grilled Cheese Burger @ One Street Over, Bandra West
Is there anything better than a good ol’ cheesy burger? The Animal Grilled Cheese Burger at One Street Over has to be had if you need something cheesy. Cheddar cheese, mozzarella, animal sauce, sriracha, lettuce, tomato and pickles are sandwiched between two soft buns to satiate an ideal burger craving.

Price: Rs 450 + taxes


Spinach and American Corn Au Gratin @ Four Points By Sheraton Navi Mumbai, Vashi
If you love French food, drive down to Four Points by Sheraton for a traditional Spinach and American Corn Au Gratin. The dish is made with spinach, American corn and topped with mozzarella cheese and heavy cream. The baked dish is cheesy, soft and literally melts in the mouth along with the parsley and cherry tomato garnish.

Price: Rs 500 + taxes


French Fries with Cheese @ Raasta Bombay, Khar West
Looking for appetizing bar bites? Raasta has given the classic French fries a twist of their own with many cheese varieties. The fries are topped with a three cheese sauce, bacon and jalapenos.

Price: Rs 325 + taxes


Kejriwal Grandmama’s Style @ Grandmama’s Café, All Outlets
Eggs Kejriwal is too mainstream, Grandmama’s has their very own version of the classic dish and it comes along with cheese sauce. The chilly cheese sauce is layered with green chillies over the bread topped with egg and creamy mushroom.

Price: Rs. 280 + taxes