These roadside gola flavours in Mumbai are actually served as cocktails

This article first appeared on as 7 Golas That Are Actually Cocktails while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

Summers have always been a good time for some coolers to beat the heat but there are different kind of cocktails doing the rounds in the city. The gola cocktails or Golaritas as they are commonly called are cocktails that have been made to have like golas.

Burrp! tells you about different gola cocktails that you can have in Mumbai before the summer ends.

Popsicles @ The Bar Terminal, Fort
Remember asking for a mango gola after a cricket match during your summer vacations? The Bar Terminal has one of those but only with vodka. The heady popsicles are available in watermelon, mango and lime flavours in typical cutting chai glasses and steel cones used by kulfiwala’s. The popsicles are available as single and all three servings.

Price: Rs 120 + taxes per serving, Rs 305 + taxes for all three servings

Popsicles at The Bar Terminal, Fort

Irish Liqueur and Chocolate @ Fable, Juhu
If you like creamy Irish liqueur, stop by at Fable for a desi version before this summer gets over. The classic gola is dipped in Irish cream and chocolate to make a bittersweet indulgence, which we bet anybody with a sweet tooth would like.

Price: Rs 245 + taxes

Tequila and Strawberry @ True Tramm Trunk, Juhu
If you feel like trying something different, order the Tequila N Strawberry from the Golaritas section on the True Tramm Trunk menu. The red gola cocktail has a potent mixture of tequila and strawberry juice; the fruity and alcoholic mixture is the perfect thirst quencher on a hot sunny day.

Price: Rs 300 + taxes

Tequila and Strawberry @ True Tramm Trunk, Juhu

Cosmo Gola Fizz @ Woodside Inn, Colaba
Need a good drink on a Friday night? Stop by for the evening at Woodside Inn and try the Cosmo Gola Fizz. The gola is made up of sparkling wine, vodka, Triple Sec and cranberry juice. The sweet and fruity gola cocktail makes for a good cocktail variant if you want to try something new.

Price: Rs 345 + taxes per person

Cosmo Gola Fizz at Woodside Inn, Colaba

Nutella Craving @ Tonic, Mahalaxmi
Are you a chocolate addict? Try the chocolate flavoured gola at Tonic. The popsicle is an amalgamation of chocolate syrup, Old Monk rum, vanilla ice cream and coffee powder. The sweet taste of rum and bitter coffee taste makes it a must try for chocolate lovers.

Price: Rs 100 + taxes

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Kala Khatta Lemon Vodka @ Four Points By Sheraton, Vashi
Since not many prefer the rum and coke in the summers, Four Points by Sheraton serves a vodka-based gola cocktail. While the drink is not on the menu, it can be ordered while there. The gola uses everybody’s childhood favourite Kala Khatta, lemons mixed with vodka and spiced with chilli powder to produce a subtly spicy sour and delicious cocktail.

Price: Rs 700 + taxes

Kala Khatta Lemon Vodka at Four Points By Sheraton

Off The Street Gola @ Copa, Juhu
Taking inspiration from the streets of Mumbai, Copa has the perfect solution for ‘Bhaiya sab flavour ka gola banao’ but only with alcohol. The gola at Copa is a blend of vodka, grape juice, kala khatta syrup, kokum syrup, spoon chaat masala and lime juice to top it all. Indulge in a sweet, sour and spicy treat before this summer ends.

Price: Rs 295 + taxes

Photo Credits: Cryselle Dsouza


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