Every pork-lover has to definitely try these dishes in Mumbai

This article first appeared on Burrp.com as 10 Must-Try Pork Dishes In Mumbai while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

The Fatty Bao PB & J @ The Fatty BaoBandra West
Trust Chef Manu Chandra to make you fall in love with pork. The Pork Belly and Jam at the quirky pan-Asian restaurant will make any eater forget pork ribs. The twice-cooked, soft meaty pork belly has crispy edges and is served with a mustard miso jam that will instantly give you the Christmas feels.  

Price: Rs 525 + taxes
Anthony @ Desi DeliBandra West
Start your day with pork at the little cafe Desi Deli and order up Anthony. Hot dog bread is stuffed with Goan pork sausage that is deliciously spicy and sour along with red sauce, peppers, onions and mint.
Price: Rs 240 + taxes
Anthony at Desi Deli, Bandra West

Pork Belly Buns @ EllipsisColaba
Do not limit eating pork to just ribs, sausages or vindaloo. Ellipsis serves pork belly but in steamed Chinese buns called baos. The buns are stuffed with meaty pork that is cooked in soya and apple butter sauce. Three mildly spicy pork belly buns come as a part of the dish and are packed with flavours.

Price: Rs 900 + taxes  

Spare Ribs JK Style @ Jim-me’s KitchenBandra West
We know many places serve pork ribs in the city but the Spare Ribs JK Style at Jim-Me’s easily stands out among all of them. A plate full of greasy spicy ribs is served with their in-house sauce that’s subtly tangy and spicy and is a lovely rendition of barbeque sauce. They restaurant serves its pork well done and has several Bandra locals who swear by it.

Price: Rs 330 (inclusive of taxes)  

Jim-me's Kitchen - Spare Ribs
Spare Ribs JK Style @ Jim-me’s Kitchen, Bandra West 

Pork Vindaloo and Pao @ New MartinColaba
When you talk about porkit’s hard to miss out the spicy sour Goan favourite. New Martin’s serves an authentic preparation of pork vindaloo with meaty pork pieces and toddy-vinegar-flavoured gravy. It is served with pav at the restaurant.

Price: Rs 120 for vindaloo + Rs 4 per pao (inclusive of taxes)
Pork Tenderloin @ Imbiss, All Outlets 

The meat-eating joint, Imbiss is any pork lover’s haven. The Baby Back Spare Ribs are popular but the Tenderloin can easily win the match. The spicy pork tenderloin cooked in pepper sauce is served with pork sausage, mashed potatoes, buttered vegetables and bacon. We won’t be surprised if you complain about how stuffed you feel after.

Price: Rs 345 + taxes
Pork Bahn Mi @ The Bao Haus Co.Colaba

The bao-speciality takeout makes a Pork Bahn Mi (Vietnamese sandwich). The crispy baguette has chicken pate (chicken liver paste), pickled watermelon rind, jalapenos and a chewy, spicy pork shoulder that’s flavour-packed and the perfect lunch.

Price: Rs 300 + taxes
Pork Bahn-Mi at The Bao Haus Co., Colaba

Sweet and Sour Pork Nanking Style @ Ling’s PavillionColaba
Made in the traditional Nanking style, the sweet and sour pork can be ordered in three different ways – minced pork balls, batter fried sliced pork and the traditional sweet and sour pork cubes. Pair it with fried rice for a complete meal.

Price: Rs 350+ taxes


Miso Ramen @ KofukuBandra West
The Japanese know how to eat pork right. Kofuku serves a Miso Ramen bowl that is made with an aromatic pork and chicken stock. The miso broth and ramen has galangal, scallion and boiled egg and has tender pieces of pork belly. It’s a bowl of comfort that’s perfect for the holiday season.

Price: Rs 650 + taxes  
Miso Ramen at Kofuku, Bandra West

Asian Style Pork Burger @ Goofy’sBorivali West
Looking for a cheap but delicious pork burger? Head over to Goofy’s where home chef Griffith sells a variety of burgers from his house but the most popular is his Asian Style Pork Burger. The 250 gm pork patty is marinated in sweet ginger, honey and soy sauce and is served with caramalised onions.

Price: Rs 180 (inclusive of taxes)


Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza


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