This restaurant in Anna Nagar definitely serves the best beef burger in Chennai

Finding the perfect beef burger is hard and while the search is still on, The New Yorker at The Hideout Bistro in Anna Nagar East may just be the answer, as of now.

The New Yorker (Rs 229) is visually a very appealing burger with homemade patty of ribeye beef topped with smokey barbecue sauce, beef bacon, grilled onion and fresh tomatoes all packed into a beetroot-flavoured bun. The beef patty is fried to perfection and makes for a delicious burger loaded with sauce, crisp bacon and crunchy grilled onions with juicy tomatoes and is definitely a win for us.

Anna Nagar gets yet another restaurant in its already overflowing neighbourhood of food and drink in the form  of The Hideout Bistro. The cosy restaurant is situated on the left after the G block Anna Nagar Park near Dhabba Express, in a quiet lane.

Interiors at The Hideout Bistro, Anna Nagar East

The less than two-month-old dining space clearly impresses with its interiors. Sticking to a white and brown theme with colourful prints for seating arrangement, the reliance on Edison bulbs to illuminate the dining area helps radiate a pleasant atmosphere.

The menu is extensive with a variety of options for breakfast divided into all-day platters, egg variations, sliders, waffles and pancakes. It extends to soups, salads and starters, followed by continental mains with chilled mocktails to quench your thirst on a hot Chennai day.

We decided to start with the simple Cheesy Enough (Rs 139) – Nachos served with a spicy jalapeno cheese dip; the crisp nachos accompanied with the creamy dip is a perfect snack to keep one busy while waiting on the mains.

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A visually appealing Arancini Ala Milanese (Rs 279) came with a spicy chutney and an in-house orange chilli extract. While we were intrigued with the orange chilli dip, its combination with perfectly crumb-fried balls was a little unusual. The citrus-y dip lacked a thicker consistency that was unable to leave a lasting impression, making us rely on the spicy chutney, which was a perfect match.

Unicorn’s Secret Potion at The Hideout Bistro,  Anna Nagar East

Magic Mushroom (Rs 219) – a simple sandwich with toasted mushrooms stuffed in a cream cheese sandwich is a treat for all vegetarians. The mushrooms and cheese blend perfectly to make a great sandwich.

We washed down our food with a Sunstroke Remedy (Rs 109) – crushed ice topped with rose-flavoured soda which got us reminiscent of rooh afza, a classic childhood summer drink. However, the Unicorn’s Secret Potion (R 129) was no secret at all because under the colours and glitter was a classic vanilla milkshake and didn’t dazzle us at all.

The Hideout Bistro succeeds in serving good food at affordable prices but disappoints with experimenting. However, the proximity makes it a go-to option for anybody on a budget looking to have a simple continental meal.

Must-try: Cheesy Enough, The New Yorker, Sunstroke Remedy
Meal for Two: Rs 750 + taxes






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