This Chennai food truck serves mouth-watering biryani for just Rs 60

We all love our biryani and a regular fix is necessary for a mini-celebration or to even brighten up a dull day. Interestingly, not many places have affordable options to head to when you’re craving for some delicious biryani. However, Chennai boasts of ‘biryani on wheels’, in the form of a food truck called Biryani Bunk, serving a plate full of the treat, for a mere Rs 60.

Parked on the inner side of the 1st Main Road in Chennai’s Mogappair area, the seven-month-old red food truck is hard to miss. The truck started by 32-year-old Clement Wilson, a biryani maniac has a menu that changes every day with a few constants.

Being a childhood dream of Clement’s, after dabbling with various BPO’s, it was working at Groupon that gave Clement the idea of starting a food truck, and nurturing his dream into reality. It was also the absence of affordable restaurants serving good quality biryani that drove his passion to set-up the food truck.

food truck final
Biryani lover Clement Wilson (left) decided to leave his BPO job to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a chef

The menu has biryani served in a variety of non-vegetarian options. While the non-vegetarian option is only chicken and mutton as of now, Clement plans on introducing fish biryani; another option on the other hand, is an uncomplicated spicy egg biryani.

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We decided to try out the Mini-biryani Combo (Rs 90) – chicken biryani served with a plate of chicken 65 on the side. The rice is loaded with spicy masala and generous amounts of chicken pieces. It is served with a mildly spicy aubergine (brinjal/baingan) preparation and raita (mixture of onions and curd) on the side.

Mini-biryani combo at the Biryani Bunk

While Mumbai and Bangalore have food trucks serving all kinds of food, Chennai still has a dearth of food trucks serving good quality food at decent prices. Biryani Bunk is a breath of fresh air in the street food scene in the southern city, attempting to serve every biryani lovers dream at a decent price and quite rightly succeeding at it.

While being available on Swiggy, Clement also has a Whatsapp group where he releases the menu every morning so that people can browse through, before ordering their choice of biryani.

Time: 6:30 – 10:30 pm (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday), 12:30-2:30 pm (Sundays)
Must try: Mini Biryani combo
Meal for two: Rs 180 (no taxes)



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