10 Cheesy Pizzas That Will Definitely Make You Go Beyond One Slice

This article first appeared on Burrp.com while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

Meatball Pizza @ Light House Café, Worli
Drop by Light House Café for a typical Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. The meatball pizza is more like a meat extravaganza for a meat-lover and is delicious to the last bite. The thick crust in-house speciality has Italian meatballs stuffed in mozzarella cheese to make a dreamy combination of meat and cheese and a tangy flavour from the marinara sauce.  A small group will definitely relish it.

Price: Rs 795 + taxes

Satisfaction @ The Playlist Pizzeria, Bandra West
We don’t know if the pizza name is inspired by the song from Benny Benassi or The Rolling Stones but if both ate it they would definitely become satisfied pizza lovers immediately. The crisp-wheat base pizza had marinara sauce on the base and was loaded with ham, bacon, salami and cheese. The spicy meat varieties make for a good combination with mozzarella cheese and make for a delicious pizza meal.

Price: Rs 950 + taxes for a 12 inch pizza

Satisfaction Pizza at Playlist Pizzeria, Bandra West

American Pie @ Crave, All Outlets
Don’t want to experiment with your pizza? American Pie stands out over a wide variety of pizzas at Crave. The crisp thin-crust pizza has a tomato base and is simply loaded with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. The meat and cheese combination perfectly complements the tangy sauce to produce a burst of different flavours.

Price: Rs 395 + taxes

American Pie Pizza at Crave, All Outlets

Margherita Meatball Pizza @ 1441 PizzeriaOshiwara
If you haven’t tried wood-fired pizzas in Mumbai yet, the Italian-style cheesy Margherita Pizza at 1441 Pizzeria is a must. Chicken meatballs are added to a classic margherita topped with mozzarella cheese; the pizza has a pepper and spice flavour that blends perfectly with the cheese and the smoky flavour from the fresh pizza crust. The meatballs are a part of the toppings and have to be added to the pizza with no extra cost.

Price: Rs 345 + taxes

Margherita with Chicken Meatball Pizza at 1441 Pizzeria, Andheri West

Genovese @ Fable, Juhu
The Genovese pizza at Fable is a must-try. The wood-fired pizza is crisp and wafer-thin with basil pesto, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and rucola leaves. The colourfully loaded pizza has a creamy pesto flavour, sweetness from the cherry tomatoes that blends perfectly with the goat cheese flavour; the slice ends with a smoky wood-fired taste that makes it instantly desirable.

Price: Rs 475 + taxes

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Genovese at Fable, Juhu

Tertullia – ahh @ Tertullia, Dadar West
Try a restaurant special. Tertullia prides over their house special vegetarian pizza that is loaded with scarmoza and parmigiano cheese topped with creamy spinach and tossed rucola. The pizza has freshness from the spinach and rucola that blends perfectly with the combination of cheeses to make a perfect treat.

Price: Rs 415 + taxes    

Tertullia-ahh at Tertullia, Dadar West

Peppered Prawns and Calamari with Jalapeno @ True Tramm Trunk, Juhu
Want some seafood in your pizza? The prawn and calamari topped pizza at T3 is delicious. The Margherita-style pizza with tomato and cheese is topped with generous amounts of prawns and calamari and jalapeno. The cheese and peppery blend makes the pizza a must with their Indian—inspired cocktails.

Price: Rs 550 + taxes

Peppered Prawns and Calamari and Jalapeno Pizza at True Tramm Trunk, Juhu

Tostada Pizza @ California Pizza Kitchen, Lower Parel
Eat a vegetarian pizza with a difference. How is it different? California Pizza Kitchen has a unique concept of hot and cold pizza – where the base is hot and the topping is cold. The Tostada pizza is a thin-crust pizza baked in a wood-fire oven with cooked black beans, cheddar cheese and Fontina cheese. It has a cold topping of shredded lettuce, crisp tortilla chips and ranch dressing. The crisp and crunchy pizza is spicy from the roasted tomato salsa in it.

Price: Rs 605 + taxes for a 9 inch pizza; Rs 765 + taxes for a 14 inch pizza

Tostada Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen, Lower Parel

Creamed Spinach Pizza @ Indigo Delicatessen, All Outlets
If you don’t like experimenting, try a simple vegetarian pizza at Indigo Deli. Creamed spinach and roasted mushrooms are added to a bed of scarmoza cheese and tomatoes that makes it almost instantly desirable.

Price: Rs 665 + taxes   

Creamed Spinach Pizza at Indigo Delicatessen, All Outlets

Chilli Freak @ Jamie’s Pizzeria, Lower Parel
Never thought you’d like a vegetarian pizza? You will probably change your mind after the Chilli Freak at Jamie’s. The pizzeria serves a pizza so spicy, we doubt there is any other as spicy; they owe it to their well-guarded chilli recipe. The pizza has jalapenos, vegetarian parmesan, fresh chilli and mint that balance the taste with every bite if you can’t handle the spice.

Price: Rs 329 + taxes

Chilli Freak at Jamie’s Pizzeria, Lower Parel

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