What you should eat on your Sri Lankan holiday

Experience the true flavours of Sri Lankan food


Food in Sri Lanka is heavily influenced by Tamil Nadu and Kerala in India. There are a lot of similarities yet unique tastes in their local food and why eat anything else when you can have authentic Sri Lankan cuisine. Sri Lanka has many roadside eateries serving deliciously warm breakfast; while most of them are restaurants, there are several shed-like structures run by women serving up colourful food for cheap prices that would definitely not burn a hole in the pocket of a tourist in the country.

Local food in Sri Lanka

The distinct accent made it difficult for us to get the local names but we did get the translated version of most. Breakfast includes a Tender cutlet (SLR 25) made from sweet jaggery and batter-fried crisp with a little spice. It was followed by the Idiyappams (SLR 20) – rice flour noodles garnished with curry leaves to lend a spicy flavour; it was served along with Sri Lankan sambol (an orange dry chutney made from coconut and chilli powder). Sweet Hoppers (SLR 20) are crisp pan-fried appams filled with sugar and can be eating plain without any accompaniment unlike the savoury alternative. Ulunde Wade (SLR 25) are the Sri Lankan equivalents of Medhu wadas only a spicier and served with a delicious white coconut chutney.

beli mal
Digestive warm drink of Beli Mal made from locally found beli flowers

Usually, Sri Lankan’s apart from beverages like coffee and tea, like to end their breakfast with Beli Mal – a brownish detox drink made from ground beli (a local flower) and water; the bitter taste from the drink is cut off with a small piece of jaggery served along with it.

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Eating local food brings out the true essence of a place but looking for the right restaurant is important because most and usually overpriced if the city is visited by tourists; especially Colombo. We stopped by a restaurant that had a lot of people lined up waiting to eat their lunch and were lucky to get a table soon enough to eat our meal. Since we were ravenously hungry we didn’t mind sharing the table with another local.

Thick dal (top left), spicy radish side-dish (top right), French bean preparation (bottom left) and Sri Lankan sambol chutney (bottom right).

We savoured a plate of fat rice that was served along with a spicy radish side-dish, a French bean preparation rich in coconut and a thick dal gravy we really relished. The meal is also served with the Sri Lankan sambol chutney on the side to make a deliciously wholesome meal. We were also served fried fish (resembled a Pomfret), a dry chicken dish and a prawn chilli fry on the side. While most look for the non-vegetarian food, the vegetarian food is an absolute delight. Interestingly, the whole meal turned out to be only SLR 130.

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Meals are incomplete without a sip of alcohol for most people and we thoroughly enjoyed exploring drinking Arrack. The drink almost tastes like black rum but is not as strong and has a strong flavour of coconut in it.  However, the prices of the bottle differ from place-to-place and is anywhere between 230 – 350 SLR for half a litre.

Tip: Eat only local food as it is really cheap and the flavours are worth the money

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Your travel bucket-list for Sri Lanka

Get off the beaten track to experience Sri Lanka with a difference

Itineraries are an important part of every holiday and while most people may choose to go by a tour, it is important to make a personal list on-the-go so that interesting places aren’t skipped for the lack of time.

Sri Lanka has many popular places to visit but it is ideal to stick to the central, south and south-west region as it is said to be safer than the rest of the country. These particular regions have so much to offer that missing out on the upper-half region won’t even cross your mind.

Our itinerary included Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Bentota and finally the capital city Colombo but we did visit many places en-route including Kalutara, Kosgoda and Balapitiya; the latter opens out to the sea and subsequently 18 islands in Sri Lanka.

Places to visit in Sri Lanka

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
Travelling from Bandaranaike Airport in Negombo, the closest sight-seeing spot is the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage in the village by the same name. We were lucky to witness the elephants religiously going for their daily bath across the street to a nearby lake. The 25-acre coconut plantation houses the Asian elephants in captive breeding and also takes in any elephant that has been orphaned by its herd in the nearby jungles. Interestingly, many shops have sprung up on the route the elephants take and have different kinds of accessories being sold made from elephant dung. The accessories include books, calendars and other stationery.

Elephants bathing at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Situated in central Sri Lanka, the city of Kandy should be on the list of every traveller looking to visit Sri Lanka. It has an old-world charm in its architecture with a mix of hills and a sparsely populated city. Spending an afternoon around the lake in the centre of the city is certainly relaxing if you want to take things slow. The city also has the Royal Botanical Garden, a Gem Museum and the Temple of the Tooth Relic Of The Lord Buddha; all of which can be done only if there is an interest but otherwise may not impress many younger travellers. 

Kandy City Centre

Nuwara Eliya
While the weather in Sri Lanka is very similar to most parts of India, it is Nuwara Eliya that makes for a perfect hill-station in the country like north India or Munnar and Ooty in the south among others. The resemblance to colonial-style structures along with the lush green fields engulfed us even before our driver told us it is fondly called ‘Little England’ by the locals. While it has a golf course and various other sight-seeing spots, a visit to the local bars is mandatory if you crave for some spirits to keep you warm. Enroute the hill-station, a visit to the tea plantations is a must because of the flavourful tea served and the fact that Sri Lankan tea leaves are commercially sold in many countries under different brand names.

The hill station of Nuwara Eliya

While we spent most of our time at the Hotel Eden, a beach resort with a beautiful view, there is a lot more that the town has to offer if one sets out on foot including local eating spots and a lot more. However, the resort town is popular for its water sports and the boat safari; the latter is a must when in Sri Lanka for the most unique experience at sea around the 18 islands off the Sri Lankan coastline.

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Speeding through the surrounding Madu Ganga river, the boatman will take you through the breathtaking mangroves and move over to Cinnamon island to see the making of various products from cinnamon trees including cosmetics and cooking masalas. He will then take you under the bridge leading to the largest inhabited island of 300 people and drink coconut water for Rs 100 from a man in a shop on the waters. Among the many islands, a Ganesha temple is the smallest island surrounded by a mystery that you have to be lucky to be told by the guide. Ending the safari with fish pedicure is also a relaxing experience after a two-hour-long tour.

Mangroves off the Mandu Ganga river close to Bentota in Sri Lanka

Travel to south-west of Sri Lanka to Kosgoda to visit an interesting Turtle Hatchery and Conservation area. The farm houses a variety of turtles -big, small and handicapped from the fishing nets. A tour around also enlightens tourists about the effort being taken by the locals to preserve the turtles that come to hatch every year on the closest beach, The small town also has a beach that not many know about as it is guarded by trees but is a must-visit for some quite time and escape from the cacophony of the city. Driving back would also reveal a train track running across the road and you would be lucky to spot the occasional train going from station to station, to complete a fulfilling experience.

Turtle Hatchery in Kosgoda in Sri Lanka

The capital city should ideally be left for the last as it turns out to be as crowded as any other metropolitan in the world. Clearly, the shopping district in Sri Lanka, it can keep you busy for a whole day if you’re a shopaholic. Restaurants serving local food are easily available and definitely worth a try because the food is absolutely delicious. For the devout, the city also has many churches around (both catholic and orthodox).

Other places to visit
While we covered most of the important places during our five-day trip, we were left with a need to see more as we hadn’t had enough of the country yet. It would be best to visit Sri Lanka for at least 10 days to make the most of it. I, personally, was really disappointed we couldn’t visit Galle which is further south than Kosgoda because it is known to be a famous Dutch colony and hence piqued my interest. The Portuguese and British influences along with the local setting make it an interesting spot to visit.

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This is the second article in a series about my Sri Lankan travel experience. Come back for more on the food and culture and my personal experiences.

This is all the money you need for a Sri Lankan holiday

Travel cheap to an underestimated destination

Planning international trips take a while mostly because of the money involved and while it may seem a lot, it is also important to see if it is worth the experience. While most travellers settle for exotic destinations in Europe and the US and UK among others, looking closer home may help Indians looking for shorter trips.

Around India, Sri Lanka is an under-explored destination and can be a good change for people on a shoe-string budget. There are many reasons to visit the colourful land but an easily available visa and the lower currency rate are easily on top of that list. The currency is almost two-and-a-half times the Indian Rupee and the visa comes to you within two days.

If you’re itching to go on a cheap holiday, Sri Lanka is not more than INR 60,000. Our trip for five days turned out to be an amazing stay that encompassed almost everything we wanted to do while in the country. Here is the break-up of the money spent followed by tips on how it can be cheaper.

Local food in Sri Lanka

Money spent for five days:

Flight tickets – INR 18,200 (round trip)

Tour Package – INR 28,500 (including car with driver, breakfast and dinner, stay)
The tour included staying at two five star hotels – Amaya Hills in Kandy and Hotel Eden in Bentota and a three star Hotel Sapphire in Colombo (which is closer to the airport).

Visa – Rs 1,400 (for one month) 
The visa can be applied for online or can be acquired on arrival. Applying for it online is easier and less time-consuming

Miscellaneous expenses – Rs 12,000 (lunch, alcohol, shopping and souvenirs)

Do’s and Don’ts

1. Book flight tickets four months prior to reduce cost to barely Rs 12,000.

2. Do not spend on food at big restaurants. Eat local food at SLR Rs 130 – 150.

3. Travel by local transport or be ready to spend on food and drink for personal driver.

4. Inform personal driver that eating local is priority and not at fancy restaurants if comfortable with local cuisine.

5. Walking around will save money and help explore place better.

6. Do not go by a tour guide as it will save a lot of additional unwanted costs.

This is the first article in a series about my Sri Lankan travel experience. Come back for more on the best places to visit, food and culture and my personal experiences.

10 Cheesy Pizzas That Will Definitely Make You Go Beyond One Slice

These pizzas are what dreams are made of

This article first appeared on Burrp.com while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

Meatball Pizza @ Light House Café, Worli
Drop by Light House Café for a typical Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. The meatball pizza is more like a meat extravaganza for a meat-lover and is delicious to the last bite. The thick crust in-house speciality has Italian meatballs stuffed in mozzarella cheese to make a dreamy combination of meat and cheese and a tangy flavour from the marinara sauce.  A small group will definitely relish it.

Price: Rs 795 + taxes

Satisfaction @ The Playlist Pizzeria, Bandra West
We don’t know if the pizza name is inspired by the song from Benny Benassi or The Rolling Stones but if both ate it they would definitely become satisfied pizza lovers immediately. The crisp-wheat base pizza had marinara sauce on the base and was loaded with ham, bacon, salami and cheese. The spicy meat varieties make for a good combination with mozzarella cheese and make for a delicious pizza meal.

Price: Rs 950 + taxes for a 12 inch pizza

Satisfaction Pizza at Playlist Pizzeria, Bandra West

American Pie @ Crave, All Outlets
Don’t want to experiment with your pizza? American Pie stands out over a wide variety of pizzas at Crave. The crisp thin-crust pizza has a tomato base and is simply loaded with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. The meat and cheese combination perfectly complements the tangy sauce to produce a burst of different flavours.

Price: Rs 395 + taxes

American Pie Pizza at Crave, All Outlets

Margherita Meatball Pizza @ 1441 PizzeriaOshiwara
If you haven’t tried wood-fired pizzas in Mumbai yet, the Italian-style cheesy Margherita Pizza at 1441 Pizzeria is a must. Chicken meatballs are added to a classic margherita topped with mozzarella cheese; the pizza has a pepper and spice flavour that blends perfectly with the cheese and the smoky flavour from the fresh pizza crust. The meatballs are a part of the toppings and have to be added to the pizza with no extra cost.

Price: Rs 345 + taxes

Margherita with Chicken Meatball Pizza at 1441 Pizzeria, Andheri West

Genovese @ Fable, Juhu
The Genovese pizza at Fable is a must-try. The wood-fired pizza is crisp and wafer-thin with basil pesto, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and rucola leaves. The colourfully loaded pizza has a creamy pesto flavour, sweetness from the cherry tomatoes that blends perfectly with the goat cheese flavour; the slice ends with a smoky wood-fired taste that makes it instantly desirable.

Price: Rs 475 + taxes

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Genovese at Fable, Juhu

Tertullia – ahh @ Tertullia, Dadar West
Try a restaurant special. Tertullia prides over their house special vegetarian pizza that is loaded with scarmoza and parmigiano cheese topped with creamy spinach and tossed rucola. The pizza has freshness from the spinach and rucola that blends perfectly with the combination of cheeses to make a perfect treat.

Price: Rs 415 + taxes    

Tertullia-ahh at Tertullia, Dadar West

Peppered Prawns and Calamari with Jalapeno @ True Tramm Trunk, Juhu
Want some seafood in your pizza? The prawn and calamari topped pizza at T3 is delicious. The Margherita-style pizza with tomato and cheese is topped with generous amounts of prawns and calamari and jalapeno. The cheese and peppery blend makes the pizza a must with their Indian—inspired cocktails.

Price: Rs 550 + taxes

Peppered Prawns and Calamari and Jalapeno Pizza at True Tramm Trunk, Juhu

Tostada Pizza @ California Pizza Kitchen, Lower Parel
Eat a vegetarian pizza with a difference. How is it different? California Pizza Kitchen has a unique concept of hot and cold pizza – where the base is hot and the topping is cold. The Tostada pizza is a thin-crust pizza baked in a wood-fire oven with cooked black beans, cheddar cheese and Fontina cheese. It has a cold topping of shredded lettuce, crisp tortilla chips and ranch dressing. The crisp and crunchy pizza is spicy from the roasted tomato salsa in it.

Price: Rs 605 + taxes for a 9 inch pizza; Rs 765 + taxes for a 14 inch pizza

Tostada Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen, Lower Parel

Creamed Spinach Pizza @ Indigo Delicatessen, All Outlets
If you don’t like experimenting, try a simple vegetarian pizza at Indigo Deli. Creamed spinach and roasted mushrooms are added to a bed of scarmoza cheese and tomatoes that makes it almost instantly desirable.

Price: Rs 665 + taxes   

Creamed Spinach Pizza at Indigo Delicatessen, All Outlets

Chilli Freak @ Jamie’s Pizzeria, Lower Parel
Never thought you’d like a vegetarian pizza? You will probably change your mind after the Chilli Freak at Jamie’s. The pizzeria serves a pizza so spicy, we doubt there is any other as spicy; they owe it to their well-guarded chilli recipe. The pizza has jalapenos, vegetarian parmesan, fresh chilli and mint that balance the taste with every bite if you can’t handle the spice.

Price: Rs 329 + taxes

Chilli Freak at Jamie’s Pizzeria, Lower Parel

5 Real Chinese Dishes That Will Make You Skip Cheap Chinese In Mumbai

Authentic Chinese dishes that you will love with the first bite

This article first appeared on Burrp.com while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

Authentic Chinese Restaurants In Mumbai You Should Try

Spicy Braised Pork Belly @ Yauatcha, Bandra Kurla Complex
The braised pork belly at Yauatcha has a well-balanced sweet and spicy flavour from the yellow bean sauce. The stacked pork belly is garnished with micro-greens (herbs) served with subtly sweet breadstick like Mantou Rolls.

Price: Rs 1,750 + taxes

Spicy Braised Pork Belly at Yauatcha, BKC


Jalapeno Peanut Chicken Bao @ Wok Express, All Outlets
A Chinese meal is incomplete without a bao (Chinese steamed buns) in Mumbai. Wok Express serves some of the most delicious baos in the city. A generous helping of spiced chicken and peanut mixture is stuffed on a bed of green jalapenos to give a spicy sour flavour from the chillies and jalapenos and nutty flavour from the peanuts, which makes it instantly desirable.

Price: Rs 150 + taxes

Jalapeno Peanut Chicken Bao, Wok Express, All Outlets

Lamb Burnt Chilli with Steamed Chinese Bread @ Sernyaa, All Outlets
Skip your local Chinese for something more authentic. Sliced lamb is marinated with Chinese wine and bean herbs before being pan-fried and cooked in burnt chilli sauce. The sweet and spicy lamb preparation is served with soft steamed Chinese bread. We won’t be surprised if you clean your plate to the last crumb after this meal. You can also try the Pork pancakes while there.

Price: Rs 390 (inclusive of taxes)

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Har Gau Dim sum @ Shiro, Worli
If you’re a fan of dim sum, then head over to Shiro to try the Har Gau. Made in a typical Cantonese preparation, the starch dough rice sheet is packed with lightly flavoured prawns with sesame oil and seasoning.

Price: Rs 310 + taxes

Har Ghau Dim Sum at Shiro, Worli

Sweet and Sour Pork Nanking Style @ Ling’s Pavillion, Colaba
There is no bigger treat than eating at one of Mumbai’s oldest Chinese restaurants. While any dish on their menu is good, the Sweet and Sour Pork Nanking Style, is delicious. Minced pork balls, batter fried sliced pork or the traditional sweet and sour pork cubes – you can take your pick before the dish is cooked in typical Nanking style. It is off the menu and is best ordered with fried rice.

Price: Rs 350 + taxes