These Unbelievably Meaty Kebabs Are Going To Keep You Busy During Ramzan

This article first appeared on while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

Ramzan has just started and while it is the fasting month for Muslims, the others are busy savouring delicious kebabs in their own cities. We list down some of the best places to eat kebabs in your city in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai during the holy month of Ramzan.

Kebabs you must try during Ramzan

Frazer Town lights up during Ramazan in Bangalore. If you’re passing by today or tomorrow, you know the preparations have already started with a various kinds of delicacies on display. We’ve picked out the best that will wake the meat lover in you almost instantly.

Chicken Pahadi Kebabs @ Richie’s Rahhams, Frazer Town
Among the various options on Frazer Road, the Chicken Pahadi Kebabs at Rahham’s are recommended to experience the true experience of Ramazan. The greenish-yellow kebabs are served after being tandoored along with mint chutney. The creamy and subtly spicy meaty kebabs cannot be missed when you’re on MM Road.

Price: Rs 200 (half plate), Rs 350 (full plate)

Chicken Pahadi Kebabs at Richie’s Rahham’s, Frazer Town (Picture for representational purpose only)

Chicken Seekh Kebab @ Albert Bakery, Frazer Town
Frazer Town’s very own 114-year-old bakery is a favourite among everybody for it’s brain puffs during Ramazan and other bakery items. But, only those who have experimented know that the Chicken Shami Kebab is just perfect. The slightly charred shami kebabs are tender meaty delights that are literally just waiting to be eating when
you visit the bakery.

Price: Rs 25 per kebab

Mumbaikars know that when it is Ramazan, you have to head to Mohammad Ali Road for the delicious Mutton Biryani, Nalli Nihari, Malpua and obviously succulent kebabs. For kebabs, our favourite on Mohammad Ali Road and one close-by made it to our list.

Mutton Burra Cream @ Delhi ZaikaGrant Road
A creamy kebab unlike the usual dry kebab and chutney combination, Delhi zaika serves a delicious Mutton kebab that has to be ordered when you’re there. The kebab is made from hung curd, raw papaya, pomegranate seeds along with Indian spices to give it a sweet and spicy taste. When you’re in Colaba and looking to eat kebabs during Ramazan, head to Delhi Zaika.

Price: Rs 240 (quarter kilo), Rs 480 (half kilo), Rs 900 (One Kilo)

Chicken Seekh Kebab at Karim’s Hotel, Jama Masjid (Picture for representational purpose only)


Cream Lemon Kebab @ Café 12, Thane West
If you wish to skip the roadside setting and go to a better setting, head over to Café 12. The restaurant serves a mean Cream and Lemon kebab that is malai chicken roasted in tandoor and pan tossed with cream and lemon sauce. The kebabs are creamy and have a sour and spicy flavour that is perfect for an even during Ramazan.

Price: Rs 275 + taxes per plate

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Chicken Shami Kebab @ Noor Mohammadi, Mohammad Ali Road
Mumbai and Ramazan are synonymous with Muhammad Ali Road. And if you’re looking for kebabs, Noor Muhammadi has the best Chicken Shami Kebabs in town.Patrons swear by their kebabs even though the restaurant is famous for its Nalli Nihari. The classic reddish-brown kebabs are soft which a delicious flavour that is enhanced by Indian spices. It is served with mint chutney.

Price: Rs 15 per kebab

Chicken Shami Kebab at Noor Muhammadi, Grant Road (Picture for representational purpose only)

We know the street food in Delhi is what everybody loves but you just cannot ignore kebabs during Ramazan in Jama Masjid, Khan Market and CP. Regular’s at Karim’s and Khan Chacha’s swear by the kebabs and so we couldn’t help but recommend the favourites while you are there.

Chicken Seekh Kebab @ Karim’s Hotel, Jama Masjid
You cannot go to Delhi and not go to Karim’s. Many might say they’re over-hyped but we love the kebabs there, truly. The soft meaty kebabs are perfect and a favourite among many who visit the place for their kebab fix.

Price: Rs 55 for a full plate


Mad Dhoka Dahi Kebab @ Caffe Madhouse, Sohna Road

Mad Dhoka Dahi Kebab @ Caffé Madhouse, Sohna Road
If you’re craving vegetarian kebabs, head over to Caffe Madhouse for some delicious dahi kebabs. The dish has a quirky name called Chicken Nahi Toh Yehi Sahi on the menu. Hung curd and spicy minced bell peppers are mixed and stuffed in drumstick-shaped bread coated kebabs before being served with a classic tangy mint dip.

Price: Rs 299 + taxes for 8 kebabs

Mutton Kakori Kebab @ Khan Chacha’s Kebab Corner, Khan Market
Ask a Delhite where to eat kebabs in Khan Market and they instantly say Khan Chacha’s. The famed Mutton Kakori kebab is typical from the region Kakori it is named after, on the outskirts of Lucknow. The creamy gram and egg flavoured Mutton kebabs are served along with mint chutney and at the restaurant.

Price: Rs 170 for 4 pieces 



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