Guide To The Cheapest Food In Mumbai

This article first appeared on while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

Amul Pav Bhaji at Sardar Refreshments, Tardeo (Picture for representation purpose only)

Amul Pav Bhaji @ Sardar Refreshments, Tardeo
If you love pav bhaji, you HAVE to go to Sardar’s. The restaurant has a variety of pav bhaji variations but the Amul Pav Bhaji is a favourite. Topped with dollops of butter, the spicy sweet bhaji with tomatoes and peas is delicious along with pavs soaked in butter that make it a delicious option on any day.

Price: Rs 110 (inclusive of taxes)

Mutton Seekh Kebab @ Jai Jawan, Bandra West
Mohammad Ali Road is definitely famous for its kebabs but the suburbs have got Jai Jawan for that. The succulent mutton kebabs are a must if you’re shopping near Linking Road. The kebabs are made with mutton mince and mix of Indian spices that lend a delicious taste to the kebabs. The roadside stall is also famous for its fried fish, if you love seafood.

Price: Rs 170 (inclusive of taxes)

Seekh Kebabs at Jai Jawan, Bandra West (Picture for representation purpose only)

Rajma Chawal @ Crystal, Chowpatty
If you’re a college student looking for cheap food and getting affect by the note ban at the same, Crystal’s is your answer. The restaurant has been feeding college students and other people alike for ages. Known more for their home-style food, the Rajma Chawal, Dal Makhani and Kheer too. South Bombay is not only about expensive restaurants you know.

Price: Rs 75 (inclusive of taxes)

Rajma Chawal at Crystal, Chowpatty (Picture for representation purpose only)

Khottu Idli @ Cafe Mysore, Matunga East
We know many of you love Madras café but the Khottu Idli at Café Mysore we hear is an amazing speciality. The dish is simply an idli wrapped in jackfruit leaf and steamed before being served with sambar. The delicious combination with the flavour of jackfruit should make you want to go there right now!

Price: Rs 60 (inclusive of taxes)     

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Mutton Kheema Pav @ Koolar Café, Matunga East
Mumbai has many Irani cafes to boast of but Koolar situated in the heart of south Indian restaurants yet manages to yet capture many diners with their authentic Irani food. The café is popular for its spicy Kheema with soft paos (Indian bread). It is also famous for brun maska and deliciously Irani chai for the taking.

Price: Rs 220 (inclusive of taxes)

Mutton Kheema Pav at Koolar Cafe Co., Matunga East (Picture for representation purpose only)

Chicken Puff @ Hearsch And Co., Bandra West
Bandra is known for its bakeries and their delicious puffs and pastries along with other bakery items, Hearsch has a chicken puff that is meaty and a perfect snack. The peppery chicken filling that is amazing with every bite.

Price: Rs 30 per puff

Chicken Puff at Hearsch Bakery, Bandra West

Cheese Chilly Toast @ Jay Sandwich, Bandra West
The Mumbai sandwich is very popular, sliced vegetables with some spice and toasted till crisp and Jay Sandwich has mastered that along with many others. The Cheese Chilly Toast served has green chillies, capsicum and is loaded with cheese before being toasted. Every bite filled with cheese and spice reminds you of why Mumbaikars love the sandwich.

Price: Rs 80 (inclusive of taxes)



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