These Vegetarian Burgers Are What Every Vegetarian Has Dreamed About

This article first appeared on while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

Haven’t we always thought of the perfect burger having a chicken or beef patty, loaded with bacon, cheese and egg? Now that the beef patty is impossible, the perfect burger doesn’t have to always be non-vegetarian, there are vegetarian burgers too. We give you a list of the best vegetarian burgers in the city and where to eat them, vegetarians we heard you.

The Monster @ Cubano Bar And Kitchen, Kemps Corner
If you thought there never could be a vegetarian monster burger, walk to Cubano Bar And Kitchen to try The Monster.  A tender and juicy grilled patty is balanced with the goodness of burger buns served with fryums & vegetables topped with a whole lot of cheese. If you cheese, you’ll drool at the thought of the burger, we bet.

Price: Rs 425 + taxes

BBQ Pulled Kathal Burger @ MasalaBar, Bandra West
Love jackfruit? Stop by MasalaBar for a BBQ Pulled Kathal Burger. The kathal or jackfruit as it is more commonly called is grilled and served with Indian masalas before being stuffed in a burger. The spicy burger and crisp and sweet jackfruit is a refreshing taste among vegetarian burgers.

Price: Rs 300 + taxes

BBQ Pulled Kathal Burger at MasalaBar, Bandra West

Messy Burger @ The Spare KitchenJuhu
Always thought burgers were American? Try a Lebanese burger at The Spare Kitchen. Stuffed with mayo, vegetables, creamy cheese sauce, lettuce and tomatoes; the mix is served in a soft pita bread burger-style arrangement. The burger stays true to its name and cannot be had without messing your fingers.

Price: Rs 345 + taxes

Messy Burger at The Spare Kitchen, All Outlets

Assorted Veg Sliders @ Global Chaos, Fort
Global Chaos serves small burgers or sliders as they are more commonly called. The pulled Seitan (wheat gluten) patties are tossed in a homemade BBQ sauce and is served along with coleslaw in green and pink buns. The colourful treat is a delight for not-so-big eaters as they are easy to eat and is delicious with every bite.

Price: Rs 350 + taxes

Assorted Sliders at Global Chaos, Fort

Mexicali Veggie Burger @ Old Wild West, Lower Parel
Craving for burgers while shopping in Lower Parel? Old Wild West serves a simple yet appetizing burger; classic black beans are mashed and infused with mushrooms, carrots and chipotle barbecue sauce topped with guacamole ranch dip and serve with seasoned fries. The classic burger and fries combination is cheesy flavour with some spice and tangy taste that is definitely a winner.

Price: Rs 425 + taxes

Palak Paneer Burger @ Genuine Broaster Chicken, Andheri West
Did you ever imagine a Palak Paneer Burger? The newly-opened Genuine Broaster Chicken serves your favourite Indian dish as a burger and how! A perfectly made palak paneer patty topped with creamy spinach sauce and some iceberg lettuce is held by two soft in-house buns. The burger has an authentic flavour of the north Indian dish and is quite a deal.

Price: Rs 199 + taxes

Palak Paneer Burger at Genuine Broaster Chicken, Andheri West

The Maha TUP Burger @ The Usual PlaceSanpada
If you don’t want to take a train from Navi Mumbai to the suburbs, head to The Usual Place for the Maha TUP Burger. The patty made from spiced potato and flavoured garlic and coriander is served with chilli garlic chutney and a mint and green chilli coulis (puree) but not before being topped with a yogurt cheese spread.

Price: Rs 340 + taxes

The Maha TUP Burger at The Usual Place, Vashi

Summer Vegetable Burger @ Boveda Bistro, Andheri West
Drop by Boveda on a rainy day and order the Summer Vegetable Burger while you sink into the bistro-like ambiance. The burger has a patty made from potato and jalapeno and is served with herbed rice and coleslaw. The spicy burger is will make you forget all your worries, at least for the day.

Price: Rs 345 + taxes

Summer Vegetable Burger at Boveda Bistro, Andheri West

Portobello Mushroom and Goat Cheese Sliders @ The Daily Bar And Kitchen, Bandra West
Love mushrooms? The Daily serves a Portobello mushroom burger that you will definitely like. The crisp patty made from sautéed mushrooms is placed on fresh lettuce and topped with a slice of cheese before being covered with a soft bun; it is served with a creamy garlic aioli dip. The slate comes with three miniature burgers that are easily enough for two.

Price: Rs 350 + taxes

Portobello Mushroom and Goat Cheese Sliders @ The Daily, Bandra West

Potato Corn and Jalapeno Slider @ Brewbot, Andheri West
Stepping out to sip on some craft beers? Brewbot boasts of flavourful beers and there is nothing like ordering their sliders. Loaded with a luscious potato and corn patty, a spicy jalapeno jam and greens, the Potato Corn and Jalapeno slider is an interesting choice.

Price: Rs 345 + taxes

Potato Corn and Jalapeno Slider at Brewbot, Andheri West

Spicy Black Bean Burger @ Bonobo, Bandra West
The Spicy Black Bean burger at Bonobo is a combination of jalapeno, crème cheese, BBQ Aioli and Pico De Gallo, a Mexican salsa that makes a delicious combination. The patty is placed on a bed of lettuce between two buns and is available all day at the restaurant.  

Price: Rs 364 + taxes

Spicy Black Bean Burger @ Bonobo, Bandra West

Nothing But Cheese Burger @ Light House Café, All Outlets
LHC has a burger so cheesy, you wouldn’t mind an overdose. The crisp patty has a filling of melted cheese only, yes only Cheese. The burger also has fried pickles, tomato oregano sauce and jalapenos. Cheese burger anyone?

Price: Rs 500 + taxes  

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Nothing But Cheese Burger at Light House Café, All Outlets

Beetroot Quinoa And Cottage Cheese Burger @ Woodside Inn, All Outlets
Want to eat a healthy burger? A healthy burger is hard to find but Woodside has a burger that is quite close. The patty is made from beetroot, quinoa and creamy cottage cheese and pistachio pesto; that’s not all, the burger is also topped with a slice of Emmental Cheese and served with French fries and a Kale and Pomegranate mini salad.

Price: Rs. 545 + taxes

Beetroot Quinoa And Cottage Cheese Burger at Woodside Inn, All Outlets

Panko Crusted Vegetable Burger @ Four Points By Sheraton, Vashi
Four Points By Sheraton serves an amazing vegetable burger. The sweet baked buns sandwich a luscious patty that has a mash of mixed vegetables rolled in panko bread crumbs. It is dressed with a creamy cheese and mayonnaise layer that makes it a perfect treat. The burger is served hot with a side of salad or french fries.

Price: Rs 450 + taxes

Panko Crusted Vegetable Burger at Four Points by Sheraton Navi Mumbai

Barley & Sprout Burger @ The Sassy Spoon, Nariman Point
If the suburbs are too far for your burger craving, The Sassy Spoon is your stop for a delicious vegetarian burger. The restaurant makes a crisp patty with barley and sprouts with mint & coriander; the patty is topped with melted cheese dripping off till the bun below; it is then topped with gherkin mayo and caramelized onion and served with fries on the side.

Price: Rs 415 + taxes

Barley and Sprout Burger at The Sassy Spoon, Nariman Point

Spinach and Corn Burger @ Fable, Juhu
If you don’t like the regular potato patty burgers, try something different. Fable serves a apt burger for everybody who loves corn. The patty is made from spinach and corn and is dressed with delicious salsa sauce and served with a load of fries too.

Price: Rs 345 + taxes

Spinach and Corn Burger at Fable, Juhu

Mediterranean Vegetable Burger @ White Owl Brewery, Lower Parel
If you want to skip Indian and try exotic flavours, head to The White Owl for the spicy Mediterranean Vegetable Burger. The patty is made from red pepper chutney, baby corn, sweet potato, carrots & fresh mozzarella. It is served between two grilled whole-wheat buns and has a cheesy and spicy flavour along with the sweetness from the potatoes, corn and carrots.

Price: Rs. 345 + taxes.

Mediterranean Vegetable Burger at White Owl Brewery, Lower Parel

Colourful Veg Sliders @ Myx, Juhu
Myx serves a colourful lot of four sliders – blue, red, indigo and pink. The patty is an in-house special mix that is a secret and but has a burst of flavours that you will love. The buggers are served with a mustard and ketchup caviar, that adds an additional flavour to the colourful burgers.

Price: Rs 350 + taxes

Colourful Veg Sliders at Myx, Juhu

Spicy Cottage Cheese Burger @ Olive Bistro, Goregaon East
Craving paneer? Try the Paneer Burger at Olive Bistro, the crusted paneer patty is served between two soft buns, a layer of lettuce and tomato, chilli and slice of cheese on top. It is served along with tomato relish and roasted peppers with Tzatziki. 

Price: Rs.290 + taxes

Spicy Cottage Cheese Burger at Olive Bistro and Bar, Goregaon East

Veggie Brown Rice Burger @ One Street Over, Bandra West
If you’re in Bandra and looking to have a burger, head to OSO for some variety. The patty is placed on a layer of fresh lettuce, tomato and pickles; the patty made from brown rice is topped with heap of caramelized onions and a spicy sriracha aioli. The burger is delicious and can be had if you are willing to spend a little more on burgers.

Price: Rs 600 +taxes

Veggie Brown Rice Burger at One Street Over, Bandra West

The Barbecue Paneer Burger @ The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel
Have taken a fancy for black buns? The Rolling Pin serves The Barbecue Paneer Burger with a smoky flavour that goes perfectly with the paneer and fresh vegetables. The spicy paneer patty-like preparation on lettuce is one that anybody would love. It is served with fries and a tasty tartar sauce on the side.

Price: Rs. 250 + taxes

The Barbecue Paneer Burger at The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel

Roasted Beet Burger @ Craft Deli, Bistro And Bar, Kurla West
We know not many of you like beetroot but the Beetroot burger at Craft will definitely change your opinion. The roasted beetroot patty is crisp and sweet with a cheesy ricotta flavour. The patty is placed on a feta spread and soy aioli that is absolutely delicious.

Price: Rs 395 + taxes

Roasted Beet Burger at Craft Deli, Bistro And Bar, Kurla West

Veggie Burger @ Monkey Bar, Bandra West
No, there isn’t any meat, so what? Monkey Bar serves an amazing black bun burger that has crunch and flavour that every vegetarian will love. A lentil and bean burger is placed on a bed of black rice along with amaranth leaves and walnuts; it is also topped with strips of Portobello mushrooms, a spicy chutney mayo and a cheesy jalapeno fondue. The burger has a nutty and cheesy flavour while being fresh and spicy, just like we like it.

Price: Rs 280 + taxes


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