13 Boozy Dishes That Will Definitely Get You High On Food

This article first appeared on Burrp.com while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

Red Wine Infused Pulled Pork Crostini @ Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden, Bandra West
Craving some pork? KBG has something that every any pork enthusiast will love. The restaurant serves pulled pork cooked and marinated in red wine as a crostini with bite-sized helpings of spicy pork meat placed on toasted bread. The delicious garnishing with the wine-infused pork make for a good treat along with some beer at the restaurant.

Price: Rs 275 + taxes

Grilled Chicken in Wine Jus @ TerttuliaDadar West
If you love wine, you will definitely enjoy the Grilled Chicken at Terttulia. The grilled chicken is rubbed with sea salt and made with a red wine jus (with juice or light gravy). The wine jus and marinate juices from the chicken give the dish a unique flavour that is compliment well with the mash and greens combination.

Price: Rs 465 + taxes

Grilled Chicken in Wine Jus at Terttulia, Shivaji Park

Poulet Peri Peri with Bourbon @ Four Points By Sheraton, Vashi
Always loved your bourbon? Well, Four Points By Sheraton uses your favourite whiskey to make a mouthwatering chicken dish. Poulet Peri Peri has tender chicken marinated in olive oil and bourbon whiskey; it is also tossed in peri peri sauce before being roasted and served with potato wedges and sautéed vegetables. The smooth flavour of bourbon blends perfectly with the spicy sauce to give a grand taste.

Price: Rs 900 + taxes

Poulet Peri Peri with Bourbon at Four Points By Sheraton, Vashi

Beer Fondue @ MYX, Juhu
Looking to try a different combination? Myx serves a cheesy Beer Fondue with Pav and it is quite an interesting combination. The Swiss cheese fondue is infused with beer and had with a garlic rosemary ladi which makes it a cheesy yet delicious combination.

Price: Rs 500 + taxes

Beer Fondue at Myx, Juhu

Rum Chica Rum Chicken @ Raasta, Khar West
If you are a dark rum loyalist, you will definitely love the Rum Chica Rum Chicken at Raasta. Tender chicken is aged in rum molasses and made with some more dark rum and whole sweet lime; it is then grilled and served with some rice and rum-chica sauce.
The sweet from the rum gives the chicken a sweet taste but blends well with the spice and sauce to give a burst of flavours that you will definitely love.

Price: Rs 475 + taxes  

Rum-Chica-Rum-Chicken-Raasta (1)
Rum Chica Rum Chicken at Raasta Bombay, Lower Parel

Old Monk Coffee Glazed Chicken Wings @ Indigo Delicatessen, All Outlets
Indigo Deli innovates with the classic Chicken Wings with some dark rum and coffee. The meaty chicken wings are coated with Old Monk and a coffee glazed that gives it a bitter and sweet taste that is followed with the spiciness from the chicken wings. Drunken chicken wings anybody?

Price: Rs 485 + taxes

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Old Monk Coffee Glazed Chicken Wings at Indigo Delicatessen, All Outlets

Shepherd’s Pie @ JW Marriott Hotel, Juhu
Never thought the classic Shepherd’s Pie could have alcohol in it? JW Marriott thinks otherwise with their red wine addition. A little bit of carrot, tomato paste, potatoes and heavy cream mixed with generous amounts of lamb and red wine give the pie an edge of any regular pie. The dish is available in the daily buffets.

Price: Rs 1,622 – Rs 4,650 + taxes

Shepherd’s Pie at JW Marriott Mumbai, Juhu

Green Apple with Beer Ricotta Melba @ The Sassy SpoonNariman Point
Start your meal with beer-y soup. The Sassy Spoon serves a soup of green apples, smoked scarmoza (Italian cheese) and fennel with a deliciously new beer ricotta melba (originally for desserts). The creamy sweet soup with some beer is a good variation to all the classic soups in the city.

Price: Rs 225 + taxes

Green Apple with Beer Ricotta Melba @ The Sassy Spoon, All Outlets

Quinoa Salad with Wine Vinaigrette @ Smaaash, Lower Parel
Salads can also have alcohol or at least at Smaaash, we think. The quinoa salad has some raisins, olive oil, cilantro, red and yellow bell peppers, pine nuts and some cracked black pepper and most importantly white wine. The nutty salad has a peppery taste with a flavour of wine that is quite refreshing.

Price: Rs 190 + taxes

Quinoa Salad with Wine Vinaigrette at Smaash, Lower Parel

The Melting Pot Beer Fondue @ The Irish House, All Outlets
Have you always wondered what food mixed with alcohol would taste like? The Irish House has a beer fondue that you can eat with a variety of things. You can choose your beer and jalapenos too. The three cheese beer fondue is served with mushrooms, roasted potatoes, tomato wedges, toasted focaccia croutons and mini focaccia bites. You just got to pick and eat whilesipping on some beer too.

Price: Rs 675 + taxes

The Melting Pot Beer Fondue at The Irish House, All Outlets

Sabudana Risotto Infused White Wine @ Bombay Vintage, Colaba
Skip your regular spicy sabudana (sago seeds) preparation for a Sabudana Risotto at Bombay Vintage. The restaurant makes its Sabudana risotto with some white wine and while it literally won’t get you drunk, the flavour only becomes better. The risotto has some bell peppers, green and yellow zucchini, along with some cream, butter and cheese and topped with some roasted peanuts. The creamy risotto has a delicious taste from the combination of vegetables and wine and ends with a nutty aftertaste that is definitely a winner.

Price: Rs 265 + taxes

Sabudana Risotto Infused White Wine at Bombay Vintage, Colaba

Prawns In Garlic Chilli Basil And White Wine @ Boveda Bistro, Andheri West
If you love seafood, the Prawns variation at Boveda is one to look out for. The delicious big prawns are cooked in Fratelli Classic Chenin sparkling white wine and garlic and chilli basil. The subtle flavours are a balance and make for a perfect dish.

Price: Rs. 495 + taxes

Prawns In Garlic Chilli Basil And White Wine at Boveda Bistro, Andheri West

Brandy Infused Slow Cooked Raan @ Masala Library By Jiggs Kalra,Bandra East
Nothing like a classic flambe with some Raan, don’t you think? Masala Library By Jiggs Kalra serves a slow cooked shredded raan (hind leg) cooked in Indian spices and flambed with brandy. The preparation is served with a crisp garlic naan that makes the perfect accompaniment. The tender spiced meat and brandy blend well and is literally a feast.

Price: Rs 1,475 + taxes

Brandy Infused Slow Cooked Raan at Masala Library By Jiggs Kalra, Bandra East

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