This restaurant is serving the Mexican feast you all have been waiting for

Hot Jalapeno Chicken Enchiladas at Light House Cafe, Khar West and Worli

Mumbai doesn’t have too many restaurants serving delicious Mexican food and that makes it quite difficult for people to enjoy a Mexican feast. Light House Cafe’s Mexican festival however fills that void with their delicious menu of nachos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas and tacos in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

With the mercury rising, the need for a cool drink is necessary and their classic Margaritas with a refreshing twist do the job. The classic cocktail with tequila can be sipped with either fresh berries, mango, kiwi and even peach and passion fruit. We personally loved the Kiwi Margarita and Cranberry Margarita for their sweetness balanced perfectly well with the potent tequila cocktail.

The Nachos served with chili con queso (Rs 320) is a creamy delight and we liked it almost instantly. The dip, a classic queso with melted cheese and chili peppers paired perfectly with the crisp nachos. The other option with roasted tomato salsa (Rs 280)  and sour cream however had an overpowering flavour of tomato and a tangy edge that made us prefer the cheesy combination instead. For seafood lovers, the Cilantro Fish Tacos (Rs 390) is a delicious yet uncomplicated option. The crisp taco with a tomato and fresh greens base is topped with steamed cilantro-marinated Basa that blends deliciously with the cheese shredded lettuce and serrano sauce. The vegetarian option Serrano and Chili Bean Tacos (Rs 350) was nice and crunchy because of the Mexican chilli beans and roasted veggies. It was topped with hot serrano sauce, sour cream and cheese.

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In quesadillas, the Grilled Corn and Mexican Veggies (Rs 420) stuffed in a soft baked tortilla was smoked with veggies, jalapenos and chillies lending it a crunchy yet spicy taste accompanied with roasted tomato salsa and cheese. The Hot Jalapeno Chicken Enchiladas (Rs 450) was impressive right from the first bite with spicy sour chicken and Mexican veggies. The soft corn tortilla corn wrap stuffed with chicken and a spicy sweet ranchero sauce is perfect.

A Mexican meal cannot end without a traditional dessert and the Tres Leches (Rs 280) did justice to our dessert cravings. Also called “three milk bread”, the spongy melt-in-your-mouth cake had a syrupy taste accompanied by pistachio cream that helped us end our meal on a good note.

Date: Till 30th April 2017
Must try: Nachos served with chili con queso, Hot Jalapeno Chicken Enchiladas
Meal For Two: Rs 1,500 + taxes



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