16 Heavenly Pork Ribs You Wouldn’t Mind Getting Messy With

This article first appeared on Burrp.com while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

St. Louise Style Smoked Peppery Rib at The Boston Butt, Colaba

St. Louise Style Smoked Peppery Rib @ The Boston ButtFort
Haven’t you always hoped for a typical BBQ joint that serves delicious meat? The two-month-old Boston Butt in Colaba serves pork ribs that anybody who likes pork must try. The Peppery Pork Rib is slow-cooked unlike the typical St. Louise-style preparation of being grilled and then sauced. The peppery rub lends the pork rib a delicious flavour that will make your mouth water this instant.

Price: Rs 372 + taxes  

Deli BBQ Pork Ribs @ Indigo Delicatessen, All Outlets
Do you want typical Deli-style meaty pork ribs? Indigo Deli has one that fits your need with their Deli BBQ Pork Ribs cooked over two hours. The ribs are first braised with coriander seeds, crushed pepper, rock salt, chilli flakes and baileys, then warmed in a vegetable stock and basted with barbeque sauce and butter. The juicy pork ribs have a welcoming pepper and spice flavour with a delicious combination of butter and sauce.

Price: Rs 765 + taxes

Deli BBQ Pork Ribs at Indigo Delicatessen, All Outlets

BBQ Pork Ribs @ The Sassy SpoonBandra West 
Do you like your pork ribs uncomplicated? The Sassy Spoon has meaty pork ribs that is smeared with their very own house smoked barbecue sauce, sautéed vegetables and mashed potatoes. The combination is simply bliss, we think.

Price: Rs 700 + taxes

BBQ Pork Ribs at The Sassy Spoon, All Outlets

MoBar Caramelised Ribs @ Monkey Bar, Bandra West
If you like caramelized pork ribs, you are in for a treat at Monkey Bar. The gastropub serves a delicious Belgian Pork Baby Back Ribs that are caramelized to give a sweet yet spicy flavour while the coating is crisp and the meat succulent and simply falls off the bone.

Price: Rs 450 (Inclusive of taxes)

MoBar Caramelised Pork Ribs at Monkey Bar, Bandra West

Tandoori Pork Spare Ribs @ The Bombay Canteen, Lower Parel
Like a little gravy with your pork ribs? TBC serves Tandoori Pork Ribs that are twice cooked with a spicy jaggery glaze and green beans. The fat meat ribs have a spicy sweet gravy topping that make it a must if you like pork.

Price: Rs 600 + taxes

Tandoori Pork Spare Ribs at The Bombay Canteen, Lower Parel

Spare Ribs JK Style @ Jim-me’s Kitchen, Bandra West 
We know many places serve pork ribs in the city but the Spare Ribs JK Style at Jim-Me’s easily stands out among all of them. A plate full of greasy spicy ribs is served with their in-house sauce that’s subtly tangy and spicy and is a lovely rendition of barbeque sauce. They restaurant serves its pork ribs well done and has several Bandra locals who swear by it.

Price: Rs 330 (inclusive of taxes)  

Jim-me's Kitchen - Spare Ribs
Spare Ribs JK Style at Jim-me’s Kitchen, Bandra West

Honey Smoked Pork Ribs @ Yauatcha, Bandra East
Have you been dreaming about the perfect pork ribs? Yauatcha may serve some of the most exotic teas but their pork ribs are amazing too. Smoked with jasmine tea, the smoked spare ribs are glazed with honey making it succulent yet sweet to taste and a delight to anybody who is willing to experience goodness. If you’re in Bangalore, the Yauatcha there too has the very same juicy spicy sweet pork ribs.

Price: Rs 1,095 + taxes

Honey Smoked Pork Ribs at Yauatcha, Bandra East

Chilli Pork Ribs @ Farzi Café, Lower Parel
Never thought you would have porks ribs with the classic Indian spice? Farzi Café loves to experiment and their pork ribs are no different. Tossed in chilli sauce, the ribs are topped and served with Rista (a Kashmiri lamb masala) reduction. The spice from the chilli and the Kashmiri preparation makes the soft pork ribs something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Price: Rs 375 + taxes

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Chilli Pork Ribs at Farzi Cafe, Lower Parel

Torched Pork Ribs @ Craft Deli Bistro, Kurla West
You’ve always loved coffee and pork ribs? You need to have the Torched Pork Ribs at Craft, it has a bitter sweet coffee barbecue glaze that is definitely a winner. The rub on the delicious ribs has coarse coffee that gives the ribs an added earthy flavour that makes it a beautiful combination.

Price: Rs 485 + taxes

Torched Pork Ribs at Craft Deli Bistro, Kurla West

Chilean Pork Ribs @ Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra, Bandra East
Looking to experiment with pork ribs? Masala Library makes a Chilean-style pork ribs that will definitely impress your palate. The ribs are tossed in a barbecue sauce with apple murabba (sweet pickle) and comes with a chilli glaze on the side. The ribs have a sweet and spicy taste with delicate notes of apple on it.

Price: Rs 675 + taxes

Chilean Pork Ribs at Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra, Bandra East

Pork Ribs @ Terttulia, Dadar West
If you’ve been craving for some meaty pork ribs, get up and head to Terttulia. The restaurant serves charred barbecue ribs with grilled corn bread. The slow cooked ribs have a homemade sauce that is thick, spicy and sweet. Go ahead and eat some meat.

Price: Rs 809 (inclusive taxes)

Pork Ribs at Tertullia, Dadar West

Coffee Spiked Spare Ribs @ The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra West
Bandra has many places to eat pork ribs but if you’re craving some variety, The Daily has a Coffee Spiked Spare Ribs on their menu that you can treat yourself to. The tender pork ribs are slow-cooked with a smooth coffee rub and is served with a delicious caramelized onion mash on the side.

Price: Rs. 550 + taxes

Coffee Spiked Spare Ribs at The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra West

Cider Beer braised pork ribs @ Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden, Bandra West
If you’re busy reveling in the Oktoberfest celebrations and you love pork, head to Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden for delicious beer braised pork ribs. The ribs are cooked in whole spices before being infused with their in-house Kolsch beer and cooked until tender. The ribs are garnished with the coriander and tomatoes and served with mashed potato on the side.

Price: Rs 425 + taxes

Cider Beer Braised Pork Ribs at Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden, Bandra West

Prime Rib @ Ellipsis, Colaba
If you’re tired of the bone, ditch it for the meat off the prime rib at Ellipsis. The succulent meat is spicy and delicious and served with arugula, charred onion, cherry tomatoes and mash potato with jus on the side. You just don’t eat a rib, you savour it.

Price: Rs 2,200 + taxes   

Prime Rib at Ellipsis, Colaba

Baby Pork Ribs @ Lemon LeafAndheri West
Feel like eating a classic? Lemon Leaf serves slow cooked Baby Pork Ribs that are tossed in your choice of homemade sauce and flavoured with a vindaloo masala and barbecue sauce. The signature Goan masala and barbecue sauce make for a good combination that you will definitely love.   

Price: Rs 785 + taxes

Baby Pork Ribs at Lemon Leaf, Andheri West

Goan Pork Ribs @ MasalaBar, Bandra West
It is often said the dish depends on the meat you’ve used and in India there is nothing like Goan pork ribs. MasalaBar takes inspiration from the land where pork is loved for its sorpotel and vindaloo. The restaurant has Goan Pork Ribs braised and tossed with balsamic and toddy vinegar flavoured masala. The succulent ribs are served with sautéed and spiced purple cabbage.

Price: Rs 350 + taxes


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