6 Pizzas That Are Cheaper Than Rs 500

This article first appeared on Burrp.com while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

Pepperoni Pizza at Hoppipola, All Outlets

Pepperoni Pizza @ Hoppipola, All Outlets

Nothing like a classic pizza eh? If you got a few hundreds less than 500 head to Hoppipola to enjoy a meaty Pepperoni pizza. The Italian pepperoni is on a thin crust cheesy base that is absolutely delicious and will definitely remind you of your college days.

Price: Rs 295 + taxes

Peri Peri Chicken Pizza @ Francesco’s Pizzeria, All Outlets

Like a spicy pizza? The pizza at Francesco’s has peri peri chicken morsels with green onion and mozzarella, and is drizzled with a coriander and lime mayonnaise. The deliciously appetizing pizza is spicy and cheesy and is perfect for your pizza craving during this note ban.

Price: Rs 280 + taxes

Peri Peri Chicken at Francesco’s Pizzeria, All Outlets

Meat Ultimo @ Joey’s Pizza, All Outlets

If you’ve met anybody who has gone to Joey’s, they will tell you to try the Meat Ultimo. Their seven-inch pizza is loaded with a variety of meat like chicken sausage, bacon and roast chicken with extra cheese, no you don’t pay extra for the cheese. The spicy meat treat is what every meat lover will relish till the last bite.

Price: Rs 280 + taxes

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Meat Ultimo at Joey’s Pizza, All Outlets (Picture for representational purpose only)

Chorizo Pizza @ 1 Tablespoon, Lower Parel

Head to 1 Tablespoon, if you’re craving your fix of chorizo in Mumbai. The restaurant serves mouthwatering pizzas and a spicy Chorizo is one of them. Now, they say if you want a snack, one is good; but if you want a meal, two should do. The pizza has a mix of pork chorizo, a tangy sweet tomato sauce, mozzarella, onions and spicy honey that makes it the best ever pizza with Rs 500 woes, doesn’t it?

Price: Rs 220 + taxes per slice

Chorizo Pizza at 1 Tablespoon, Lower Parel

Some Like It Hot @ Crave, All Outlets

Looking for a good vegetarian pizza? Crave has delicious vegetarian pizzas and Some Like It Hot is one that you definitely should try. The thin crust medium pizza has bell pepper, jalapeno, olives and caramelized onions that give it a peppery and spicy taste.

Price: Rs 265 + taxes

Pizza Di Gamberetti @ Mamma Mia, All Outlets
If you like seafood, Mamma Mia is your place to go for cheap pizzas. The restaurant which used to be in Bandra served as a popular hangout for college students looking for a decent meal. The pizza is loaded with sautéed prawns, tomatoes, capsicum and garlic and will delight any seafood lover with its tangy yet garlicky flavour.

Price: Rs 200 + taxes


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