These Fries Are So Loaded That They Are Absolutely Unbelievable

Move over salted fries, these are loaded


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Bacon and Blue Cheese Fries at Boveda Bistro, Andheri West

Bacon and Blue Cheese Fries @ Boveda Bistro, Andheri West
If your love for bacon is beyond this world, you have to try the loaded Bacon and Blue Cheese Fries at Boveda. No, they aren’t your normal bacon fries, the crisp spicy fries at the restaurant are loaded with bacon bits and melted blue cheese to make it a crisp, meaty and cheesy delight.

Price: Rs 275 + taxes

Skinnard Fries @ Hoppipola, Khar West
Don’t want too much with your fries? Hoppipola serves French fries simply with a variety of sauces and cheese but yet loaded. The fries are topped with a layer of hot melted cheese and a mixture of spicy and sweet sauces that make it our ideal choice.

Price: Rs 140 + taxes

Skinnard Fries at Hoppipola, Khar West

Loaded Kheema Fries @ The Bar Stock Exchange, All Outlets
Don’t you just love the burger and fries combination? Well, you might just not the burger anymore. The Loaded Kheema Fries at TBSE are a spicy mix of chicken kheema (minced meat) and salted fries topped with a thick layer of melted cheese that is pure bliss.

Price: Rs 275 + taxes

Loaded Kheema Fries at The Bar Stock Exchange, All Outlets

Loaded Fries @ The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel
The Rolling Pin knows how much you love fries, so they have a very interesting concept called the Potato Mania that lets you make your own fries. You can choose between salted or sweet fries that can be topped with mushrooms, bell peppers and corn with different types of cheeses and sauces like tangy barbeque and roasted pepper aioli. Sour cream, crispy fried onions and chives are other toppings to make it a delicious treat.

Price: Rs 250 + taxes

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Loaded Fries at The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel

Butter Chicken Poutine @ Poutinewalla
You wouldn’t believe it but the newly opened quick-service-restaurant Poutinewalla serves an innovative fries alternative called the Butter Chicken Poutine. A thick and spicy sweet butter chicken gravy is generously added to a bed of crisp potato fries. Mix it and you get a complete yet different meal that you will definitely love.

Price: Rs 435 + taxes   

Butter Chicken Poutine at Poutinewalla

Beer Cheese Fries @ Brewbot, Andheri West
How about some beer fries? Brewbot serves a loaded Beer Cheese Fries that has a generous helping of chipotle chicken, juicy and spicy tender pulled chicken mixed with jalapeno and a delicious jalapeno sour cream. It is topped with a creamy beer cream sauce that gives the fries a delicious flavour.

Price: Rs 445 + taxes


Jungle Fries @ BAR BAR, Kurla West
There are many variations of the Jungle Fries across Mumbai but the one at BAR BAR is loaded and you will love it. The bar snack has French fries topped with warm melted cheese, jalapenos, barbecued onions and roasted chicken strips that give the fries a good smoky flavour.

Price: Rs 299 + taxes

Jungle Fries at Bar Bar, Kurla West

Devil Fries @ The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra West
Craving some really good fries? The Daily Bar serves a heap of fries loaded with creamy cheese sauce and a Mediterranean-flavoured spicy sweet chicken mince. The thick chicken mince preparation and the cheese sauce make a good combination with the fries to produce different interesting flavours that you will want to dig into with your bare hands.

Price: Rs 295 + taxes

Devil Fries at The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Bandra West

Mexican Lamb Chilli Poutine @ Social, All Outlets
Many might agree that Loaded Fries is the Indian equivalent of the Poutine, a Canadian potato fries preparation. The Mexican Lamb Chilli Poutine at Social has delicious crisp fries mixed with lamb meat (mutton kheema) and topped with melted cheese to make for a perfect treat with your drinks.

Price: Rs 260 + taxes

Razzberry Rhinoceros returns with a free-spirited vibe

The 90’s pub now boasts of potent cocktails while retaining their love for music

Mushroom Pate, Bocconcini, Berry Compote, Micro Greens and Coin Ulta Tawa Paratha
Mushroom pate, Bocconcini cheese, berry compote, micro greens with coin UTP and kebab

Almost every restaurant that has opened in Mumbai recently has adjusted to the Mumbaikar’s palate but there are very few that work the other way round.

The 90s boasted of a good music scene with several college and mainstream rock and metal bands ruling the city.”Among the most popular places for gigs was Razzberry Rhinoceros during that time and that is what we wanted to revive”, says Nitin Tewari, current Director of Razz, as it was more popularly called.

The iconic place from the 90s has re-opened its doors in the city with an even balance of old and new. Housed in Juhu Hotel like before and overlooking Juhu beach, the vast expanse caters to people of all needs – more like a multipurpose space with food, drink, music and a Goa-like vibe.

The restaurant has four sections – bistro, patio, pub and the deck. While the bistro is lit-up bright with a coffee and wine bar to drink from, the razzberry-tinted pub lighting is complimented with an equally well-stocked bar counter; the patio works for a cozy date, and the deck overlooks the beach. There is also a lounge on the first floor and a lawn in the middle to sprawl out on air bags once you’ve finished your dinner and looking to listen to musicians play their melodious tunes.

Choosing the perfect section in the restaurant to dine is the most important decision to make and do not hesitate to ask the staff for recommendations. Every section has a different menu specially curated by Chef Ranveer Brar of English Vinglish fame in Juhu. We happened to try a little from every menu for their different flavours and concepts.

Razz Sour
Razz Sour

The summer almost having set in,we started with a Deck special from the Root to Fruit drinks menu with Sweet Lime and Sage – a refreshing yet mildly potent mix of gin, salt and sugar, sweet lime and sage has a welcoming sweet-sour taste. The Musk Melon and Lychee is a combination of vodka and mint coupled with the sweetness from the melon and lychee.

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We started with a delicious plate of mushroom pate, Bocconcini cheese, berry compote and micro greens with coin UTP (Ulta Tawa Paratha) with a kebab. The DIY dish is an amusing combination of mushroom paste blending perfectly with the cheese and compote with a small bite of the kebab.We moved on to the next arrangement, a colourful one at that, almost as immediately as it came to the table. The dish, an interesting combination of wasabi and beetroot hummus with ricotta, pomegranate olives and pine nuts on pita was sweet, creamy and had a nutty flavour that was hard to miss. We were next served large Grilled Kasundi Prawns that had a delicious flavour of lemon leaf accompanied by the orange and cream cheese. The star of the small plates however was the Chicken Nukhti Kebab served on a mini UTP topped with a mooli akhrot chutney (radish walnut chutney). The spicy chicken preparation was complimented by the light chutney to make it an easy favourite.

Gosht Mulayam Seekh Kebab, Dry Fruit Bakarkhani, Fresh Coriander Jalapeno Chutney
Gosht Mulayam Seekh Kebab

The Razz Bar cocktail menu is more potent than the other sections and the Razz Sour is proof. The cocktail a take on the classic Whiskey Sour does justice with a strong mixture of whiskey, razzberry puree, lime and aquafaba (a replacement for egg whites). The delicious mixture of whiskey and razzberry adds a great touch to the cocktail menu. The Cold Brew Old Fashioned was even better with a simple cocktail of whiskey, cold brew (coffee), honey and bitters that lent the drink a powerful flavour that would make anybody shake a leg.The refreshing Fish Salad had sliced salmon along with greens, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes and gari (pickled ginger) to make quite an interesting salad. The Gosht Mulayam Seekh Kebab with rose flavoured coin paratha and coriander and jalapeno chutney was a lovely combination and undoubtedly the most succulent kebabs we have tasted in the city. For main course, we had a thick preparation of a North African-inspired Pork Curry with tagine spices (mix of ground spices) and couscous with a sweet and spicy chilli mango salad. The meaty pork pieces cooked in the spices were juicy and quite a delicious treat.

Mango Expressions - Raw Mango Kulfi, Aam Ras, Aam Papadmangoes and Marinated
Mango Expressions

The Mango Expressions – a grainy kulfi (ice cream) in desserts caught our eye instantly and didn’t disappoint. Sweet aam ras on one side and a combination of marinated mangoes and aam papad was quite a treat.  The small pieces of raw mango in the kulfi made from the same fruit was a delight just before the much-awaited mango season in May.

Razzberry Rhinoceros has definitely returned with style especially with their unique cocktails artistically curated by Director and Mixologist Nitin Tewari. We couldn’t have expected less from the food menu that has a recognisable touch of Ranveer Brar. The restaurant has created a multipurpose space that will definitely for quite a while stay this time around.

Meal For Two: Rs 2,000 + taxes
Must Try: Razz Sour, Chicken Nukhti Kebab, Mango Expressions

6 Pizzas That Are Cheaper Than Rs 500

No ban is going to keep you away from pizza

This article first appeared on while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

Pepperoni Pizza at Hoppipola, All Outlets

Pepperoni Pizza @ Hoppipola, All Outlets

Nothing like a classic pizza eh? If you got a few hundreds less than 500 head to Hoppipola to enjoy a meaty Pepperoni pizza. The Italian pepperoni is on a thin crust cheesy base that is absolutely delicious and will definitely remind you of your college days.

Price: Rs 295 + taxes

Peri Peri Chicken Pizza @ Francesco’s Pizzeria, All Outlets

Like a spicy pizza? The pizza at Francesco’s has peri peri chicken morsels with green onion and mozzarella, and is drizzled with a coriander and lime mayonnaise. The deliciously appetizing pizza is spicy and cheesy and is perfect for your pizza craving during this note ban.

Price: Rs 280 + taxes

Peri Peri Chicken at Francesco’s Pizzeria, All Outlets

Meat Ultimo @ Joey’s Pizza, All Outlets

If you’ve met anybody who has gone to Joey’s, they will tell you to try the Meat Ultimo. Their seven-inch pizza is loaded with a variety of meat like chicken sausage, bacon and roast chicken with extra cheese, no you don’t pay extra for the cheese. The spicy meat treat is what every meat lover will relish till the last bite.

Price: Rs 280 + taxes

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Meat Ultimo at Joey’s Pizza, All Outlets (Picture for representational purpose only)

Chorizo Pizza @ 1 Tablespoon, Lower Parel

Head to 1 Tablespoon, if you’re craving your fix of chorizo in Mumbai. The restaurant serves mouthwatering pizzas and a spicy Chorizo is one of them. Now, they say if you want a snack, one is good; but if you want a meal, two should do. The pizza has a mix of pork chorizo, a tangy sweet tomato sauce, mozzarella, onions and spicy honey that makes it the best ever pizza with Rs 500 woes, doesn’t it?

Price: Rs 220 + taxes per slice

Chorizo Pizza at 1 Tablespoon, Lower Parel

Some Like It Hot @ Crave, All Outlets

Looking for a good vegetarian pizza? Crave has delicious vegetarian pizzas and Some Like It Hot is one that you definitely should try. The thin crust medium pizza has bell pepper, jalapeno, olives and caramelized onions that give it a peppery and spicy taste.

Price: Rs 265 + taxes

Pizza Di Gamberetti @ Mamma Mia, All Outlets
If you like seafood, Mamma Mia is your place to go for cheap pizzas. The restaurant which used to be in Bandra served as a popular hangout for college students looking for a decent meal. The pizza is loaded with sautéed prawns, tomatoes, capsicum and garlic and will delight any seafood lover with its tangy yet garlicky flavour.

Price: Rs 200 + taxes