This South Indian Pub Serves A Rasam Cocktail You Would Definitely Want To Try!

SamBar brings south India-inspired cocktails to Khar’s friendly pub neighbourhood

Kori Rotti at SamBar Pub & Kitchen, Khar West

The early south Indian settlers in Matunga gave Mumbai some good kaapi and other south Indian specialities that any Mumbaikar can swear by for their authenticity even today. Cafe Madras and Ram Ashraya have been feeding Mumbaikar’s for years and there are not many other restaurants that can do justice to the cuisine. that Mumbai so now loves.

South India’s liking for alcohol over many other states (except for Goa) is quite well-known, so how could Mumbai not see a south Indian pub any time soon? SamBar Pub and Kitchen came as a welcoming surprise a little over two month’s back in Khar (sadly not in Matunga – the heart of South India in Mumbai).

Sitting alongside Three Wise Monkeys and Light House Cafe, SamBar’s pink logo of a man with an afro sporting a green moustache, three-lined tilaka  and green aviators with a mole on the side is hard to miss. The pub has an open outdoor section and an indoor section with a bar on the side and tables with high bar-stools. The bar menu has beers, rum, whiskey, vodka and gin and their signature cocktails, that will definitely excite the ‘foodie’ in you. The food menu is sprinkled with varied dishes from almost every southern state in India.

Move over the classics because these Anna’s have got a really good southern mix. Having heard a lot about the Rasam Mary (Rs 345), I was really excited to try it and the cocktail didn’t disappoint at all. The spicy cocktail lived up to the hype with the flavour and spice of rasam perfectly mixed with the classic Bloody Mary. The combination of rasam, tequila, chili and tobasco with tomato juice is a potent mix and definitely a must-try. The Capi Madras (Rs 275) was served in Madrasi-style filter kaapi arrangement – steel glass and bowl. It was a frothy coffee-flavoured drink with Vodka, Coffee Liquer and Cardamom with an earthy tone that quite impressed us. Anna Colada (Rs 275) – a tribute to the south Indian man is a heady mixture of white rum, pineapple and chilled coconut juice; it is quite refreshing.

We started with Paneer Paniyarram (Rs 150) – improvisati0n of the classic south Indian snack with a soft delicious paneer filling. The dish was served with a classic green chutney but the filling could have done with a little more spice as it would otherwise lose its charm. We couldn’t help but try the classic Meen Polichattu (Rs 330) and we were certainly left impressed with the spicy and tangy flavoured fish wrapped in banana leaves. The tang blended perfectly with the spicy masala and steamed fish which was lent a familiar flavour from the banana leaf. The Poricha Kozhi (Rs 280) is simply spicy chicken roasted to perfection and served with a delicious sauce with a hint of tamarind in it.

We decided to try an innovative Kori Rotti (Rs 300) than settling for a Kappa Biryani among other options. A spicy Mangalore-style chicken curry served in a dosa-like rice wafer was the highlight of our meal. The crisp wafer with the curry and generous amount of chicken pieces was a delicious combination, we were happy to try. The bar doesn’t serve desserts but we really didn’t miss out on it because of a potent Awesome Payasam (Rs 175) shot. Sweet payasam is mixed with a mysterious alcohol (a surprise by the bartender) and served in a kulhad acting as the glass.

SamBar has  packed a punch by adding a South Indian touch to otherwise classic cocktails along with food from the south that almost any Mumbaikar likes.The quirky decor and proximity makes it an ideal place to drop by on any day in the week, if you want to try something different.

Must try: Rasam Mary, Anna Colada, Meen Polichattu, Kori Rotti
Meal For Two: Rs 1,200 + taxes

Cheesiest Dishes In Mumbai That You Have To Eat If You Love Cheese

Cheese just got added to almost everything

This article first appeared on in my name and is republished here only for personal use.

Cheesy Goan Sausages at The Sassy Spoon, All Outlets

Cheesy Goan Sausages @ The Sassy Spoon, All Outlets
Imagine eating spicy sour Goan sausages with cheese, it turns out to be the most heavenly combination, at least for us. The Sassy Spoon makes Goan sausages in their own unique style. The meaty pork pieces are cooked with potatoes, green bell peppers and topped with a whole lot of macaroni and queso (melted cheese and chilli pepper) preparation.

Price: Rs 640 + taxes

Champagne Risotto @ The Little Door, Andheri West
Craving an overdose of cheese? The Little Door has a Champagne Risotto that uses different kinds of cheeses and it is delicious. Flavoured rice is combined with herbed mushrooms, a perfect blend of grated smoked Gouda, parmesan, blended yellow cheddar and sparkling champagne.

Price: Rs 400 + taxes


Animal Grilled Cheese Burger @ One Street Over, Bandra West
Is there anything better than a good ol’ cheesy burger? The Animal Grilled Cheese Burger at One Street Over has to be had if you need something cheesy. Cheddar cheese, mozzarella, animal sauce, sriracha, lettuce, tomato and pickles are sandwiched between two soft buns to satiate an ideal burger craving.

Price: Rs 450 + taxes


Spinach and American Corn Au Gratin @ Four Points By Sheraton Navi Mumbai, Vashi
If you love French food, drive down to Four Points by Sheraton for a traditional Spinach and American Corn Au Gratin. The dish is made with spinach, American corn and topped with mozzarella cheese and heavy cream. The baked dish is cheesy, soft and literally melts in the mouth along with the parsley and cherry tomato garnish.

Price: Rs 500 + taxes


French Fries with Cheese @ Raasta Bombay, Khar West
Looking for appetizing bar bites? Raasta has given the classic French fries a twist of their own with many cheese varieties. The fries are topped with a three cheese sauce, bacon and jalapenos.

Price: Rs 325 + taxes


Kejriwal Grandmama’s Style @ Grandmama’s Café, All Outlets
Eggs Kejriwal is too mainstream, Grandmama’s has their very own version of the classic dish and it comes along with cheese sauce. The chilly cheese sauce is layered with green chillies over the bread topped with egg and creamy mushroom.

Price: Rs. 280 + taxes