These New Restaurants Should Be On Every Foodies Go-To List This Month

This article first appeared on while I was a writer there and is republished here only for personal use.

Potent cocktails, colourful candies and Asian fare are going to keep you busy

New Restaurants in Mumbai (Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza/Burrp)

Potent Cocktails And Comfort Food @ Madeira & Mime, Powai
Mirchi and Mime impressed many almost more than a year back, their success has brought us another gem in the form of a new gastropub Madeira & Mime. The restaurant boasts about its cocktails and let their drinks do the talking; a delightful Bubblegum Mojito (Rs 330) with white rum, bubblegum and mint, reminded us of our childhood except with some fruity potence while the Muchadwala (Rs 330) – a paan-flavoured cocktail will certainly impress everybody with its popularity Indian flavour along with vodka and green apple juice. A sweet and spicy Apple and Chicken Parcels Salad (Rs 215) surprised us with crisp conical parcels stuffed with minced chicken and served julienned green apples on top. The menu got us intrigued with the names and so we decided to try the Zunka Bhakar Tartlets (Rs 185) – a sev puri-like arrangement of the classic Maharashtrian dish of Zunka Bhakar which had the softness of the bhakar (indian handbread) for the base and spicy zunka (dal preparation) we loved. While the sandwiches had some Mumbai classics, we tried a meaty cold Lobster Sandwich (Rs 265) which any seafood lover would fight for. The deaf and mute gastropub has a relaxed vibe all day that people soak in on a lazy day with books or board games that come out of a refrigerator before the party mood sets in post-7 pm.

Meal For Two: Rs 1,200 + taxes

Apple and Chicken Parcels Salad at Madeira & Mime, Powai (Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza/Burrp)

Cosy Breakfast @ Patisserie A Saluti, Bandra West
If you’re looking for a quiet place to eat at in Bandra, A Saluti will leave you delighted. Serving primarily as a one-stop-shop for all expats and Indians looking to buy Italian cheeses, meats and homemade desserts, it has two tables as dining space for anybody who would like to buy and stop by for a bite. Owner Milanda Jagtiani has kept the menu to a bare minimum with sandwiches and coffees. The Ham Sandwich we definitely recommend with your choice of coffee. You can choose your ingredients for the sandwich which makes it easier for anybody who would like to eat. You can have the sandwich with a spicy Wasabi and Mustard dip. The cheese varieties include mozzarella and various others along with a delicious burrata.

Meal For Two: Rs 600 + taxes

Ham Sandwich at Patisserie A Saluti, Bandra West (Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza/ Burrp)

Steaming Asian Fare @ Mr. Baozi, Lower Parel
Owing to the success of a stock exchange-themed bar The Bar Stock Exchange, Mr. Baozi from the same owners will take everybody on a mouth-watering Asian experience. The restaurant serves a variety of steaming baos but we really relished the spicy and crisp Slow Roasted Chicken Bao (Rs 285) and a tender BBQ-flavoured Lamb Baozi (Rs 285); a spicy sweet Confit Mushroom and Chilli Oil(Rs 260) and is crisp Crunchy Potato Bao (Rs 260) served in Gochujang (savoury paste-like Korean condiment). The Cream Cheese and Salmon (Rs 240) is salmon wrapped maki-style with creamy cheese in two varieties, the Sesame Tuna Tartare (Rs 160) has a lovely combination of sesame and tuna with topped with a layer of tartar, making the chilled treat a must for any sushi lover. Dim Sums have a meaty Prawn and Chive (Rs 160) and a crunchy Crystal Dumpling (Rs 140) that are a delight. If you are willing to experiment, try the Japanese Chicken Wings(Rs 250) are meaty chicken wings served with sweet soy and chilli glaze; the Crispy Fried Lotus Stems (Rs 260) are crunchy lotus stems tossed with a sweet spicy garlic sauce. The Khowsey and Nasi Goreng served are prepared traditionally and is for anybody looking to try typical Asian food. The Orange and Kaffir Lime Crème Brulee (Rs 180) is a must because the classic crème brulee has a delicious citrusy flavour and is perfect with the sago pearls. Stacked rooftop tiles for the interiors on one wall while red Chinese teapots form the interiors for another with delightful props in the centre make the calming interiors an ideal place for a good Asian meal.

Meal For Two: Rs 1,400 + taxes

Baos at Mr. Baozi, Lower Parel (Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza/ Burrp)

Delicious Candies @ Papabubble, Lower Parel
Didn’t we all love candies when we were children? It was more about the colours than anything else; we were then worried about the flavours and obviously we wanted to try everything. Papabubble is India’s first candy shop and a similar feeling is what you will get when you pass by or stop and look. The shop situated next to Pa Pa Ya is all about candy, surprisingly both sweet and savoury. The shop packs the candies in various kinds of cylindrical and gifting boxes. The candies are sold in popular flavours like watermelon, banana and strawberry. To cater to its Indian audiences the candy shop has also come up with Indian flavours like Kala Khatta among the popular flavours and a surprisingly delicious savoury Biryani candy. The initial flavour of biryani masala is followed by a clove and cardamom flavour that clearly amused us. The candy shop also makes different candies on a daily basis with rare candies flavours like sushi too.

Price: Rs 495 + taxes for a box  

Watermelon and Strawberry Candies at Papabubble, (Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza/ Burrp)

Sassy Vibe and Impressive Menu @ The Sassy Spoon, Bandra West
The Sassy Spoon at Bandra has added a lot more than just colour to its interiors with its food that will entice all palates. Sip on a rum-based Spiked Soul (Rs 390) with an interesting combination of kokum, cilantro, lemon and green chilli that gives it a spicy aftertaste; on the other hand the whiskey-based Morning Brew (Rs 390) is a smooth drink with potent combination of espresso, vanilla, whiskey, house infused orange liquer and zest. The chilled Raw Mango and Papaya Salad (Rs 350) had fresh flavours of arugula and bean sprouts and a nutty flavour from the peanuts along with a sweet chilli drizzle. If you love seafood, the Rava Crusted Bombil (Rs 390) is a perfect while drinking with the classic Bombay favourite de-boned and coated with a coriander chutney before being fried crisp and served with a jelly-like mango chutney. Tenderloin Jerky (Rs 490) will satiate your meat craving with the first bite; delicious spicy beef is coated with a combination of coriander seeds and lemon with blends perfectly with the spicy cherry tomato and chilli dip served with it. A prawn preparation Thengal Erai (Rs 690) is served in a large appam; the sweet and spicy prawns with cooked in coconut can be relished by tearing off the appam and savouring the prawns with it. Your meal is incomplete without the Sticky Toffee Pudding (Rs 400); a sticky date and toffee pudding with a dollop of vanilla ice cream that makes a perfect hot and cold combination to end your meal on a high.

Meal For Two: Rs 1,800 + taxes

Thengal Erai at The Sassy Spoon, Bandra West (Photo Credits: Cryselle D’souza/ Burrp)

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