Unique Weekend Getaways In Mumbai 

Route to Rajmachi Falls in Khandala off Mumbai

A trek during the rains is one of the many favourite weekend plans for many Mumbaikars; some decide to club it along with relaxed weekend getaways, the others, usually the seasoned trekkers, choose some difficult trekking paths that are simply breathtaking.

I happened to visit two interesting spots in July around Mumbai – one Lonavala and the other Uttan. While the former is a few hours away from the city, the latter a jewel within the city is only a 30 minute rickshaw ride from Bhayander railway station in north Mumbai.

If you’re planning to go for a trek in Lonavala, Valvan Lake is a must visit. While it is more of an easy hike, it is enroute Rajmachi falls in Khandala. Valvan lake is serene and is best for a lazy Saturday afternoon dip. For those who are hydrophobic, the view is breathtaking from the hillock, you’ll see the occasional dance of birds a few metres above the water in the distance too.

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Rajmachi Falls is a daunting task for first timers but a joy for seasoned trekkers. While it is difficult to search for the falls, asking the locals helps while you cut through vast grassland onto an off-road towards the falls.

Tip: Wear footwear with proper grip. A windcheater is best as it rains regularly moving upward. Carry a first-aid kit as you could scrape your knee while climbing up the rocks.

Uttan near Bhayandar

Uttan on the other hand gives a reminder of my trip to Pondy (Pondicherry). All those who have visited will know. While the main attraction has to be the bright red lighthouse, Uttan beach not too far away is another good option if you do not want to travel to far away from the city over the weekend. There are many hotels to stay at for the night which are both cheap and expensive with varying facilities. They boast of the delicious East Indian cuisine in the city that must be eaten when in Uttan.

Would love to hear your experiences from your getaways 😀


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