Markets That You Must Visit in Mumbai

Markets that are a completely delight when you enter them

Tourists come to Mumbai and visit iconic places like the Taj Mahal Hotel and Gateway of India which is only a few metres away, and Elephanta Caves if you hop on that speed boat and sail across. I’ve always been intrigued by markets, one of the best I’ve seen is the colourful McLeodganj market in Dharamshala. Mumbai has a few of them too which not many know, so here is a list of the most popular markets in the city and interesting tips.

Crawford Market Photo Credits: wikimedia

Crawford Market
If you’re in Mumbai, visiting Crawford Market is a visual treat. While it has been named Mahatma Jyotirao Phule market, the name Crawford is synonymous with most Mumbaikars. Since it is known to be Mumbai’s first vegetable market, there are wide variety of groceries available at the market that may not be available anywhere in the city; exotic fruits and vegetables are all available for takers. Move on a little ahead and you’ll find the animal market; various animals and birds – Persian cats, different breeds of dogs, birds, fish and illegal animals are also said to be sold there. The market is also popular for its art supplies used by many artists across the city; bakery products to make items like cakes and pastries are all found at wholesale rates at this very market. If you hop in, I bet you’d be enamoured with the variety of things available there.

How to get there? Step off Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station and ask anybody for the iconic market and you’ll find your way

Where to eat: When you’ve come to Crawford Market, going to Badshah’s is a must, the restaurant is always crowded and there is never place but you should definitely have the milkshake there.

chor bazaar
Chor Bazaar Photo Credits:

Chor Bazaar
It is said that Chor Bazaar isn’t what it is today, it was initially called Shor Bazaar (noisy market) but the Britishers mispronounced it and it came to be known as Chor Bazaar. Mostly popular for the stolen goods and artifact, the market has everything and anything you would want at cheaper rates but you got be good at bargaining to strike a perfect deal, because you if you can’t, the shopkeepers will make sure they rip you off your money. Victorian furniture, clothes and accessories are among the many things found there. It is also said that you can really expensive artifacts for Rs 50, if you know how to bargain. The best time to get there is as early as 5am to escape the crowd that comes in once daylight sets in.

Tip: Carry minimum amount of money or pack your wallets tight, because there are always pick-pocketers waiting to pick a pocket there.

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Shop on Lamington Raod Photo Credits:

Lamington Road
Considered the ‘Tech Market’ of Mumbai, the market runs off Grant Road and has almost every part required for your computer, phone and other devices at really cheap rates. Hard drives, pen drives, web cameras and more are available here. There is a chance you’ll find transistors and cassette players there too. It is what Ritchie Street is to Chennai. If you need to buy any device at cheaper rates, head over to the market and you’ll instantaneously be happy with your purchase.

How to get there? Take a train to Grant Road station and get off on the west end.

One of the many gold and silver shops at Zaveri Bazaar Photo

Zaveri Bazaar
Known to be Mumbai’s diamond market, the bazaar also has all kinds of precious stones and gold and silver jewellers. Different kinds of show-pieces and household items are also said to be found in precious metals in the bazaar. Like any other bazaar, this market can be visited for different kinds of ornaments of the highest quality and decorative items for the house.

How to get there? Take a train to Sandhurst Road on Central Railway and Charni Road on the Western





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