From U to You

english.jpgIt started with Orkut scraps and then Facebook chats. SMS (Short Message Service) was still better back in 2009 when I joined Facebook. Sadly, the English language has been crushed under the gigantic and ever-growing weight of what I would like to call the ‘Facebook language and dictionary’.

Facebook was never the problem to be honest, it was and is our lack of respecting words and languages which has led to its death. I was part of the ‘u cnt reli write dis prply’ age till a friend told me that it hurt the eyes to read such text. Not to forget unnecessary over-emphasis – “Wht??? Rlly?? I cn write prply alryt!!!!” on words.

I may come across as an English snob in a land where English is not known by many people and I do not have any problem with that but digitally illegible English is written by the learned and the privileged masses in society and that is where my problem lies.

It has been three years since I stopped writing in a language which I do not consider English any more. I can now easily say that it feels better taking that extra second writing you rather than u.

It isn’t difficult to write full words and sentences because nobody is ever in a hurry and neither is one considered cool by writing in degraded English. It is rather an attempt to write in well-crafted sentences that is quite impressive to me and is certainly the need of the hour. If this isn’t a valid point, then I honestly do not understand much of many words my friends speak because I wasn’t there at the time when the word was invented.

It is only after I realised how difficult it was to understand what I wrote in my so called ‘Facebook language and dictionary’ that I decided I had to write properly enough for people to understand.

The most famous example has to be of this story that is all over the internet. A woman once sent a message to a family member of a dead person that read ‘LOL Katie’ at the end of the message. Earlier, the woman listening to her daughter use the word LOL often, thought it meant lots of love and so sent the message to the child of the deceased who was confused when she received the message who thought why was the woman laughing when somebody had died.

Hope I’ve awakened a few out there without trying to be a snob.


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