The Mystery Train In Mumbai

The Mystery train Photo Credits:
The Mystery train Photo Credits:

Not often do you find an empty train going towards Virar during peak hours in the evening, do you? But last evening was different! I left a little later from work and was going to board a reasonably better train on a Friday night because I did not want to be the victim of constant bickering in the train.

I usually have to take two trains to reach home and so I was prepared for nothing but a packed train at Elphinstone Road but alas, I was rather greeted by an empty train by Mumbai standards which was more spacious than ever. Seeing an empty train going towards Virar in Mumbai is like a dream come true for most of us, I must say.

Now, this train that I boarded turned out to be a slow train towards Virar, but only just before till Nallasopara. A train of this sort does not run at around 7 pm in the evening so empty as to allow cross ventilation in it. I leapt with joy at the possibility of having a comfortable journey at that hour.

After asking around I got to know that it was a new train introduced last evening and nobody knew about it. What followed next was puzzled looks from people at every station as nobody knew why the train going to towards Virar was empty. While many entered, many were skeptical about entering it too.

An interesting conversation took place between two men sitting around me explaining the situation

Man 1: Accha train he, maine risk leke enter kiya, agar Kandivali tak pahucha deti he toh acha he nahi toh main beech me kidhar utar jaunga. Baithne ko mil gaya woh achi baat he, nahi toh Borivali train mein Kandivali utarna bahut mushkil he.

Man 2: Yeh train ko regular banana chahiye. 6:45 pm aur 8 pm ke beech mein bahut bheed hoti he, safar karna mushkil ho jata he.

Well, that is how important trains are to people in Mumbai and especially on the Western line. One mysterious empty train on a particular day and people are left flabbergasted. If we need to escape the crowd, it’s high time that trains be on time in the city which will eliminate the risk of numerous fights and accidents that occur on a daily basis. Indian Railways should make proper announcements at every station rather than making other unnecessary developments like even more spacious trains. What are we going to do with spacious trains when the crowd keeps increasing on a daily basis?


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