Arsenal vs Bayern Munich: Round of 16 – 2nd Leg (Preview)

A week back, if you told me what I thought of the upcoming match today, I would say, it is going tobe German side Bayern who will go through to the next round!

But after Arsenal won against Everton at the Emirates on Saturday that to convincingly, it is really difficult to tell. It’s not because I’m an Arsenal fan, that I think they have a chance to win, but just their last performance and previous return leg fixtures against clubs makes me think they might just have a chance against German giants Bayern Munich this time, though the odds are against a team whose line-up isn’t it’s strongest in the last few months but yet good enough to go through the next round.

Defeating last year’s winners is not only a tough task but rather a gigantic one at that.

If Arsenal win, the Gunners look to go quite far in the competition, but if they lose, it’s only their loss as the EPL title too is slowly slipping away from their hands now that Chelsea have a six point lead against them.

But it is definitely going to be a tough match for Arsenal and not an easy match either for Bayern Munich.

We got to definitely watch out for back-in-form Giroud, the powerhouse Oxlade-Chamberlain and the effortlessly perfect Mesut Ozil from Arsenal.

Bayern have a star lineup and mentioning just one or two is yet less but left footed Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery will definitely look to make a mark

Due to lack of time I had to rush in with a quick article on tonight’s game but hope to give in a detailed report of the match if possible.

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Giroud scores a brace to take Gunners into Semi finals of FA Cup

Arsenal’s past two weeks had been nothing more than a disappointment. They required to redeem themselves for themselves and their fans too. And that is what they did at the Emirates today!

The Gunners provided a spectacular performance by winning comfortably against visitors Everton.

While Ozil opened the scoring the scoring for Arsenal in the first half, it was Giroud who came on as a substitute in place of Sanogo that stole the show, late in the game.

Everton gave a scare to home side Arsenal when Lukaku equalised late in the first half to set Everton comfortably for the upcoming second half. But it was not to be, as Arsenal went ahead from a penalty by Arteta who had to score twice to confirm the goal! When the midfielder score the first time, Giroud had already entered the six yard box thus making the penalty invalid for Arteta who scored the first time initially too.

A threatening shot fired by Cazorla  towards the Everton goal was saved by goalkeeper Joel but clearly showed that Arsenal were not yet done for the day!

After Yaya Sanogo was replaced by striker Giroud, the game changed pace as Arsenal got their third goal from Giroud who looked threatening right from the time he stepped on the field.

But the Gunners had yet to put a final nail in Evertons coffin after seamless one touch passing from the Arsenal midfielders Tomas Rosicky to Ozil who quite correctly anticipated and set up Giroud’s second and Arsenals fourth goal for the evening.

With this win, Arsenal go into the semi finals of the FA Cup for the sixteenth time in the history of the game.