Starry Starry Night in Bhandardara

Ask me to come on a luxurious trip and I’ll crib about the money being simply spent when I know it can happen for lesser than many think it can be.

The Land Out There

“Starry Starry Night, picturesque and heavenly ways,

Look up for a shooting star by laying on a mat with an unadulterated gaze,

Leave out all the luxury with the last travelling car,

It’s faraway from the city maze but having so much left just to amaze.”

If Bhandardara had to be explained in a few lines, this would be it!

Travel was and never has been about luxury for me, the simple task of exploring new places  by just picking up a bag filled with necessities coupled with exuberance and spark is what travel is all about!

Ask me to come on a luxurious trip and I’ll crib about the money being simply spent when I know it can happen for lesser than many think it can be.

A haystack or simply just a mat looks more of a bed away from home than the comfort of a bed I can easily receive at home!

A little off the usual route, Bhandardara is the perfect place to go for an overnight trek over the weekend.

The Land Out There organises weekend getaways from the crowded city of Mumbai and that’s when I grabbed the opportunity to see and do something different rather than rest in the luxurious confines of my neighbourhood.

Having meals under trees for shade, soup and noodles cooked on a campfire, no luxurious toilets, but the trees and bushes, experience outdoors from the most basic level and finally star gazing while resting on a mat, eyes looking intently in the night sky to spot at least one shooting star!

Interacting with people from different places sharing the same love for travel, eating around the campfire to escape the biting cold, sleeping underneath the inky blue sky with only a blanket over us and finally immersing ourselves into the stories of backpacking all over the country from Ladakh in the North to Andaman in the seas!

It was much more than we had asked for in nothing more than a thousand rupees!

That is truly the essence of travel which I have been looking to dive into for a long time!

“Cover the Earth, before it covers you.”

– The Land Out There

Arsenal vs Liverpool: FA Cup 5th Round Match

Today is going to be one of the most interesting fixtures between Arsenal and Liverpool in recent times. After Arsenal literally got thrashed by The Reds last Saturday, they will be looking to redeem themselves today in the 5th Round of the FA Cup at the Emirates.

Everybody including the Gunners went into last Saturdays fixture against Liverpool thinking that it would be a walkthrough for them, but the Reds proved them wrong enough by netting four goals in the first twenty minutes of the game.

A brace by Skrtel and one goal by Raheem Sterling saw the hosts take the lead in the first few minutes and from there they never looked back. Though the Gunners tried to get a hold on the game it never worked that way.

But today is a different day!!!

Arsenal will be looking to win the match and also avenge their loss from a resurgent Liverpool this season.

And Liverpool will look to inflict more wounds in Arsenals armour,

It is definitely going to be a tough match, but I think Arsenal are going to win it this time with a score reading 2-1

What do you’ll think? Drop in your comments to predict the score!


Arsenal vs Manchester United: Predict your score

I know i’ve not written for long, but who misses such an occasion!

Talk about Arsenal vs Manchester United and you know it’s going to be a cracker of a match!

Though Arsenal’s loss last season will always bring them down in everybody’s eyes, this season tell a different story. A loss to Machester Unitred at home last year is fondly remembered by everybody but Machester United haven’t played better ever since that match and look on a never ending downfall.

Arsenal who lost their last game to Liverpool and a scoreline that read 5-1, it was enough to open their eyes and say ‘the title race is not over yet’.

Manchester United haven’t picked themselves up either from their downslide as they tied the match with Fulham at 2-2.

Both teams will be looking to redeem themselves with equal charge as one has to fight for the title the race, but the other has to fight for pride and glory.

This match is tough to predict so i’m going to say we leave it for later, but then again we all know it’s going to be an interesting match that will see both the sides bringing the best out in themselves.

If Arsenal win the match, they will sit a point above Chelsea at the first position and yet in contention for the title race. And if Manchester united win, they will be stay put at Seventh in the Premiere League with no hopes of entering the Top 4 anyway, they will fight for glory.

Will Arsenal gun down Manchester United or will they be gunned down themselves? Or is it going to be a stalemate?

Drop in your comments to let me know,

I clearly can’t decide the winner of a match that is going to leave everybody at the edge of their seats.

Post your prediction by commenting in the link below.

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