Perfect Getaway: Mysore!

Mysore Palace
                                                                       Mysore Palace, Mysore

If in India, Diwali is the ‘Festival of Lights‘ then in my opinion, Mysore is definitely the ‘City of Lights’. Or well atleast during Dusshera it is one of the most colourfully lit cities in the country.

After having recent spectacular travelling expeditions in the country i.e. Goa last year on a holiday in August and then Hubli in Karnataka in December and most recently Delhi-Manali-Dharamshala in May this year, I have vowed to travel as many paces in my lifetime, whether for luxury or for adventure, it really doesn’t matter! So when I heard from my brother that we could come and visit him in Mysore, I almost instantaneously jumped at the opportunity to travel south of the country once again.

I, along with family happened to visit this royal city during their most celebrated festival among the many festivals in India. It is here that I learnt how Dusshera and festivals were so important in India. It was nothing like Bombay, which has the ‘Navratri’ as we know but a total celebration of the festival in many different ways and most importantly respecting the Late Maharaja Wodeyar of the Mysore Palace.

The journey to Mysore was pretty decent but reaching an unknown city and not knowing how things function we gave in to a rickshaw driver who eventually got paranoid with us, courtesy to the language barrier between him and us.

We were supposed to be staying at Infosys, one of the most reputed IT companies in the world where my brother is currently working and so staying at hotels was out of the question.

Talk about how heaven must be and Infosys was just like that! But mind you only for the ‘Outsiders’. From what I learn the ‘Insiders’ or ‘Infosys recruits’, don’t even have half the time to make use of what I’d like to call ‘Luxury Land’.

A fully planned campus with the cleanest roads I’ve seen in the entire country, it was a treat to walk on even if it was for an hour! That is approximately how long it takes to walk from one end of the campus to another, but faster if you use the only mode of transport for people in there, cycles!

Pollution-free environment, perfectly laid roads and sidewalks, it was definitely what every person in Infosys was missing until now. I’m talking about the campus so much because that is how much it impressed us while we were there.

But we came for a holiday and so we had to get down to following our itinerary and that was to visit some of the most amazing and famed places I had heard about from my father who visited it exactly three decades ago.

The next ten days turned out to give us much more than we had anticipated; seeing historical places and without a doubt reveling in the festivities in the Pre-Dusshera period and finally retiring to our room in the comfort of an Infosys campus which spelled nothing but a ‘Perfect Getaway’ for us to reminisce about it in the future some day.

More on the trip coming up soon! How was your experience in Mysore?



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