Arsenal suffer first defeat of the season

A win was written all over the match between Arsenal and Aston Villa. The pundits said it too! But alas, it wasn’t to be that way at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday. Aston Villa had another plan for sure.

It was worse for me as I could listen to only audio and see no video. But within a few minutes without the need for visuals I had my hands flailing because Oliver Giroud had put in the goal within the first six minutes of the match.

I was sure that Arsenal would take this home but also unsure after remembering games from last season where they weren’t able to capitalise on their initial goals and defend them after that.

After passing Koscielny and putting the ball towards Arsenal keeper Szczesny, Agbonlahor was brought down by the Polish keeper and Aston Villa was awarded a penalty. Benteke of Aston Villa took the penalty only to miss it in the first attempt but took it on the rebound to give Aston Villa the equaliser.

Arsenal had made their first mistake of the season and Szczesny conceding his first goal of the season.

The Gunners were level at half time and look like they could make a comeback after several attempts from Englishman Walcott.

Second half saw Arsenal start on a good note as usual. But several attempts from Walcott, Giroud and Rosicky to score a goal failed and Arsenal were left scrambling for the ball.

A breathtaking effort from Villa’s Fabian Delph saw Szczesny get a scare in the middle of the second half but it hit the left post to safety.

Arsenal lapse in the midfield from Cazorla saw him lose the ball only to give Agbonlahor another chance at the goal. He moved forward using his agility but was met by Frenchman Laurent Koscielny who looked like he got the ball but was seen differently by the referee and he was awarded a card by the referee.

Another challenge in a few minutes by Koscielny on Wiemann saw him get a red card. The crowd were letting out their anger and the stadium was in an uproar. They felt both the decisions were against the home side but they were given a deaf year by the referee Anthony Taylor.

Arsenal were staring right into defeat after losing a man like that!

After several last attempts from Rosicky and Cazorla could not find the back of the net for the Gunners.

With four minutes left, Luna raced in to bury the third goal in the back of the net and see a final nail in the coffin for Wenger and his team and for the people at Emirates.

Following the match, Wenger was faced by rants from the angry crowd over no signings this season.

But being an Arsenal supporter I would saying it was just another game where the team let themselves down but they will be back with a bang!

Next game with Fenerbache on Wednesday for a Champions League spot will see whether Arsenal have worked on their negatives and are able to produce a stunner.

Arsenal are winning it with style for me on Wednesday. What do you think after Saturday’s game?


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